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A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins
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Berlin Germany Fanclub is your tourism guide written by insiders with pleasure and passion! Learn, feel, love Berlin! It will appreciate that!

It is really true: A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step.

You have made your first step towards Berlin Germany. Congratulations. Confucius was as usually right. Let us move together.

With us you will find a lot of useful information about Berlin history , Berlin tourism , Berlin Map , and Berlin Wall , everything you need to be prepared for a good quality and interesting travel.

Our main aim is to tell all the good things about this attractive city and as caring hosts to warn about possible problems.

Even knowing about Berlin weather beforehand can be helpful if you do not have any idea about it.

So, we can’t help flattering the vanity of this great city. It is vain, beautiful, outstanding and unique. It very different from other capitals. It is very special. It is Berlin!

We will tell you the story of Berlin. And one wonderful day you will come here to admire gracefulness of the most beautiful woman on Earth. Nefertiti.

You will walk along Berlin streets, look at the faces of Berliners and realize that they are glad that you are here. They love tourists. And it is very pleasant.

You will feel from time to time Dejà vu because you will know already a lot about it but to be completely happy it is necessary to be here.

People know about Nefertiti and have seen her many times but to stay in front of her personally makes a big difference. It also makes difference to see the ugly Berlin Wall and realize that without the one it would be much better in this world.

Sleeping and eating in Berlin is a special theme. It offers a great variety of restaurants and hotels for every taste and financial possibilities. This great city will pleasantly surprise you.

Berlin is also a European shopping paradise. Affordable prices and best quality goods will add spice to your trip. We all are materialists even though tend sometimes to be different. Here you can relax and do want you wanted to do and experience. Go shopping. Or learn about Berlin culture to understand Berlin.

Enjoy Berlin Photos

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So if you want to explore Berlin and prepare yourself for your future adventures here, you are in the right place. You can have a great time with your kids in Berlin Zoo or many other places. You know... Berlin loves kids!

You can find anything for every taste. And we will help you to be comfortable and informed. It is always good to have someone you know in a big and alien city who can give an advice and knows tips and tricks about the city.

Locals can help very good, you know. If you have not read about us yet, let us introduce ourselves.

We are real people living in a real Berlin. All stories we write are about the city- as it is. We do not have anything to do with tourism and authorities. That is why our style is different.

We love humor, want to hear from you, do our best. You can find tons of Berlin photos and Berlin Wall photos .

We live in Berlin and love to shoot pictures and you can feel it.

And if we were helpful to you and you liked our Berlin Germany Fanclub website, please share information about it and let others learn about us. If you have opportunity to link to Berlin Germany Fanclub, do not hesitate to do so.

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We are glad that you found Berlin Germany Fanclub in a great ocean called Internet.

Let us be connected as we have still a lot to tell and share about Berlin.



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Table Of Contents

Berlin Blog
The Berlin Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site. Subscribe here.
Berlin Nightlife. Unforgettable Moments of Your Trip.
Berlin Nightlife offers a lot. Just make up your mind where to go to-night clubs, bars, restaurants, pubs, dancing, open air concerts or something else...
Berlin Transport System. Feel Very Much at Home in the Capital of Germany.
Berlin Transport System. Feel Very Much at Home in the Capital of Germany.Let's avoid wasting time for looking for the places you want to visit. Instead learn a bit about it and you will be rewarded.
Berlin Tourism. It is Always Worthy to Come to Berlin
Berlin Tourism. It is Always Worthy to Come to Berlin to enjoy its beauty and wonderful atmosphere.
Berlin Airports and Important Tips to start your trip .
Berlin Airports: Berlin Tegel Airport or Berlin Schoenefeld Airport are your gates to Berlin. It is easy to get to Berlin. Just choose the best way for you.
In Berlin Sightseeing Can Be Fun
In Berlin sightseeing can be a fun. We will give you some insider tips and you are to decide about your activities in Berlin. But remember-to cover all will be a challenge.
Berlin History. Berlin Is 775 Years Old.
Berlin History. Berlin Is 774 Years Old. But It Looks Younger.
Berlin Map is something you need when you plan your visit to Berlin
Berlin Map is something you need when you plan your visit to Berlin. We offer you some maps of Berlin to have better understanding of the place
Berlin Real Estate Can Offer You Unexpectedly Interesting Opportunities.
Berlin Real Estate can be under your cosideration if you think of relocation, stable investments and relatively cosy life in the center of Europe.
Free University of Berlin is one of the best German universities. Learn why!
Free University of Berlin is the largest university in Berlin and the one with high ranking in Germany and worldwide.
Curious to know who is writing for you, taking pictures, looking for realiable
Work at home Mom and her family working on this site trying to be interesting.
Berlin Wall is a very important part of Berlin history
Berlin Wall is a very important part of Berlin history. Even if you do not like history, visiting Berlin presupposes that you should be able to talk about the Wall and even write about it.
Berlin Film Festival is a great event making Berliners and visitors happy
Berlin Film Festival is a great event for Berliners and visitors of the city awaking them from a winter sleep to be interested in films and culture. For cinematography it is a significant event.
Germany weather is to be checked when planning your Germany travel
Germany weather conditions and peculiarities should be considered when you plan your visit to this beautiful land with lakes, seas, rivers, hills and mountains and all what makes a country beautiful
Capital of Germany is a great place you should come one beautiful day
Capital of Germany attracts more and more people from all over the globe. Let's learn some basic things about the most attractive city
Berlin Zoo and Tierpark and other great places for your kids to have a nice time
Berlin Zoo and Tierpark and other wonderful places for your kids to have a great time. in the capital of Germany.So, leave your doubts and visit Berlin with your kids to have a great time together.
Berlin Travel Stories. People loving Berlin have always something to tell
Berlin Travel Stories. If you love Berlin and want to express your admiration, join us
Berlin museums should always be considered when you come to Berlin
Berlin museums can be called an integral part of the most attractive city.
Ask about Berlin and learn more about the most attractive city
Ask about Berlin and learn more about the most attractive city

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