1936 Berlin Olympics,
1929 Depression,
World War II

1936 Berlin Olympics could take place after a number of world important events and facts happened on the global political arena.
The world-wide depression starting in 1929, the mess of political situation in Germany, the fighting of all against all opened the way for Adolf Hitler to become German chancellor.

The final occasion gave him the fire in German parliament
„Reichstag“ and it was often supposed that Hitler himself and
his helpers were responsible for that.
His Berlin residence was mostly the buildings “Reichskanzlei” and „Neue Reichskanzlei“.

Here he planned the system of KZ (concentration camps) in Germany and later on abroad, the occupation of Europe and Northern Africa, the brutal regime of occupation in other countries as well as the termination of Jewish race (holocaust, to kill millions of Jewish people, to destroy this race in Europe) as well as Roma and Sinti. Words as Gestapo, SS, SD, KZ and Auschwitz found their way into a lot of languages and stand now for horror, death and crimes with German origin.

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1936 Berlin Olympics officially known as Games of the XI Olympiad became a real public relations success for the fascist regime ruling at that time in Germany. Berlin won opportunity to be a host for the Games over Barcelona in April 1931.
It was two years before the Nazies came to power in Germany.

It is to say that the majority of Berliners
as well as Germans became supporters of the regime due to starting successes and propaganda.

They did not believe that in the Berlin ministries
were on the way to plan the beginning of the big war.

But the order came from here to attack Poland on 1st September, 1939 starting World War II.

The first strong signals that the war is hitting Berlin were the bombs dropped down by
British and later on also US planes later during the war.

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If Nazies would not come into power most likely the main event for that time would be 1936 Berlin Olympics. But Politics had changed
accents and priorities.

Have a look at Youtube short film about Olympic Stadium constructed for the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

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