A Woman In Berlin
A Bit Unvailing Mystery

A woman in Berlin is the one with a strong will, an open mind, a kind heart and love to children and pets. A woman in Berlin is sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, sometimes romantic and never wondering why people do not fly. This is on one hand.

On the other hand she is dreaming about her prince and can wait for him until he comes or never appears and she is still not disappointed as she has been always told that there are not enough princes for all. And she knows that she is actually not a princess at all but that does not change the situation and she is still alone.

Or she will not marry the one she is with for years. May be they will have kids together. May be not. She is too busy. She is goal oriented and her goal is to become the boss of her department. And even may be more- to become a president of something very important.

She knows that waiting for the position will take years but who knows... may be the wind of change can break the door of her department and then the dream of years can be achieved.

Meanwhile she enjoys traveling and reading books or doing anything she always wanted to do. The list is very long. The list of wished is long. But in the list the family with kids can have the last place.

But having a friend is normal. They both can get old together but still introduce each other as friends.

There are a lot of women who say: I have nothing accept my career. She is busy with her career and she is relatively happy with it.

The only insight that she wants something else except career comes to her when she realizes that she is seriously ill or something else terrible happens in her life. She wants not only her career- she wants a family, kids and a beautiful house and peace in her soul.

And there is another woman living in the capital of Germany. She is family oriented. Her only aim is to care about the family. This is also a very good way to live and enjoy life. Every woman in Berlin as elsewhere is living her life in accordance with her understanding of happiness and success. And that you can see very good in Berlin.

Berlin is a multinational city. It means that more than 100 nationalities of women live in Berlin. And they all are different from the point of religion, culture, traditions and all what forms human's personality. But on the other hand all women are similar.

They have similar problems and dreams.

It is not easy to talk about a woman in Berlin since to define the average is difficult.

To try to draw a portrait of a woman in Berlin we will use statistics which we found in a very reliable source .

The statistic data is as of 2010

  • Total Berlin population (men and women) 3 387 562
  • Total German origin population 2 515 430
  • Total foreigners 872 132

  • Total women 1 731 931
  • German women 1 300 838
  • Foreigners women 431 093

  • Total men 1 655 631
  • German men 1 214 592
  • Foreigners men 441 039

  • Population under the age of 18
  • Total 497 171
  • Germans 280 924
  • Foreigners 216 247

Statistics make people realistic. As we can see from the above mentioned stats and be confirmed that German women are very busy and the pleasure of being a mother and care force they grant to foreign women.

Foreign women living in Berlin also become realistic and also do not harry to have kids. That happened after some regulations changed and it is more difficult to obtain German citizenship for foreign kids. Material side of the issue is winning again.

But still looks like that foreign minority of women can win the race and foreign kids will be prevailing in Berlin with the time.

German government knowing about these secret figures issued a special regulation according to which women having a good career can also be interested to have kids. They get 70% of the salary they had before the birth of the child for one year. And it is paid by the German authority.

Another story that economy is not happy with this regulations. Companies do not want workers to have free time (free from work). Officially all looks good but in reality the boss will start to treat different the career oriented woman willing to have a baby and for her it is the worst.

She might regret about her choice or just quit the job. Men can also stay at home with a baby but his colleagues will proclaim him to be a hero and the boss will hate him for ever.

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This is the situation with a woman in Berlin. On one hand she is a woman by nature on the other hand she has to accomplish the goals and reach the top of her dream. Doing both is possible but extremely difficult. That is why she has to choose. But who likes difficulties?

Is a Berlin woman beautiful? Undoubtedly, yes. Probably you know that the most beautiful woman of all times and nations is in Berlin.

Her name is Nefertiti. There are other prominent and not really but good looking women living in Berlin. Only 573 033 of them at the age starting from 20 years are married. Other majority lives with partners or are single ones. So, let's conclude what is a Berlin woman like. She is good looking, goal oriented, freedom seeking, independent, good hearted, material.

Generalizing is not the best solution but going into details is also time consuming.

A woman in Berlin is as a woman in South America, North Korea, West Africa and Far East is dreaming in the bottom of her heart about a prince when she is single .

When she is married she wants to have a baby and when she has a baby she wants to dedicate her life to the baby. Evolution has changed this ideal perception but generally she is like this-a woman in Berlin.

If you have good ideas and knowledge about a woman in Berlin do not hesitate to write about it. May be you know a wonderful Berlin woman you can not help telling about, just write about her. Use the form below. It is very simple to handle it.

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