Let Me Introduce Myself

Thank you for visiting this page which I dedicated to myself.

My name is Zhanargul or shortly Zhanna. The first one I have from the birth. The other one is a short variation my parents also used. I have a lot of other names which my family and friends gave me during my previous years but today this is not the point. Let's talk about Zhanargul. It is a Kazakh name meaning a burning flower or in German it sounds also good- Feuerblueme. In Germany I have got a lot of fun because of my name. I never could imagine what Germans could create with my name. The name is absolutely difficult for them as most of foreign names. They change the order of letters and sometimes they think that it is too long- that is why they divide it into two. And after all they can not read it. This is a local peculiarity. Do not be upset when you meet new people here and experience the same. They do it not on purpose usually.

I know that you already have a question- what I am doing in Berlin. Right? I live in Berlin. I have been living here since 2001 after I got married with my husband Holger in 2000. Holger is German and Berliner. I have to emphasize that he is an East German. Because this is another question often asked by people. It is not clear why it is so important. We are not an ordinary couple, I know. May be that is why people come and ask me such questions and even more personal. At the beginning I was astonished... They could ask me if I at least love him... Some can ask me how I live with German, they are so terrible. By the way, my husband is making the rating of German men with international community higher. In reality Germans are quite ok. Another thing learnt in the process of life-nationality is not important. Important is personality.

Our love story is romantic and may be one beautiful day after celebrating our anniversary and drinking a glass of excellent wine I will become frank and more open than usual and I will tell this story. Of course , the story changes a bit from time to time depending on some circumstances but the core is the same- we met and that is the best what happened to us.

In Berlin I love to watch old couples holding hands and looking so happy with each other. It is necessary to have this gift to go through the years in understanding. They give us a good example to follow.

If you come to Berlin pay attention to those old people. It gives a hope to all.

Berlin I liked from the very beginning. As Holger wanted me to love this city, he showed me the best of it. The other important thing to mention is that I have come from Almaty. It is a great city, a former capital of Kazakhstan, surrounded by mountains, very beautiful with people having a great sense of humor.

I also plan to make one site about my Almaty. But it is later...

And now you have a general picture who I am. One very important thing which I missed is my profession. You see, in Germany my profession turned out to be not so important. May be that is why I did not mention it from the very beginning. I studied at the Pedagogical Institute for Foreign Languages in Almaty and I also additionally studied Economics.

Well, my diplomas were not accepted in Berlin. I did not make a big tragedy of it. Actually, I did not work as a teacher of English in Kazakhstan. I just wanted to try to use my pedagogical talent which was emphasized by our dean at the institute.

I was a professional freelance interpreter- translator and worked for different projects in different sectors of economy. After moving to Germany I had some jobs in this field but who needs Russian-English translator in Berlin? Slowly but surely clients disappeared. I still have some offers but since I am a full time mom I can not take such orders as they usually demand -the work has to be done by tomorrow morning. And my 16 months old son does not allow me to do such jobs at the moment. About my children I also did not mention from the beginning because I want to be different this time. If I start to talk about them (daughter and son) the page will slowly turn to page About Them.

So... The job of interpreter-translator can be characterized by one anecdote:

Sir Winston Churchill talking in the morning to Joseph Stalin looked astonished and then still said: Yesterday I drank a bit too much... Stalin looked understanding: Do not worry. The interpreter has already been shot down, executed as an enemy.

It is a very stressful job and if next time someone will want to execute me I can respond accordingly. Joking. Usually I worked with great people and have good memories about those times. When I look back to my past experience- I think I did a good job, could manage a lot. But now such tempo and stress would not be welcomed most likely by my kids. I can not imagine that I can disappear for 10-14 hours a day and a whole week or more. Who will take care of my children???

Thanks to the God I have found something what my soul wanted but I could not find for years. And it is a site building. It is my pleasure to do this job. Whenever I have time I do something for our site.

Building a site and promoting it is a great challenge. But we do it. Little by little we move forward and when we look at our site, we feel good. It is like building a house or growing a garden. New blossoms make happy the enthusiastic owners. Now I say WE because my family helps me. My husband also can speak English and he can write very good historical articles. He also made Google Map of the Berlin Wall. My husband, sister and daughter took a lot of pictures for this site which you will also see. My sister is the author of the picture of Nefertiti which you can see on our HomePage and my portrait which you can also see here. Her blogs Berlin Germany Lover and Art Portrait (about her works) I can also recommend. If you do not speak English, never mind, you can enjoy great pictures.

That is why WE is the most appropriate.

Of course, we make mistakes and as we are not highly professional yet (but we plan it) we do not see them immediately. And also it is the nature of human beings to see mistakes of others... Forgive us in any case. We are on the way to perfection even though someone very famous said: No one is perfect.

Really it has been my dream to have such an occupation that I can take care of the kids and do something for living and for the soul. Something that will make happy all. As kids do not understand why parents do not have time for them and have to work when they need them. I wanted to use my English and I am open to learn new. Idea of having a home based business and working as work at home mom has been always attractive for me. A lot of time and efforts were spent for searching for such opportunities.

But it was a way of development- Per aspera ad Astra or Through hardships to the stars.

When I learnt for the first time about SBI I felt immediately that it is what I have been looking for a long time . My intuition whispered- And now be very careful- this is interesting!!! As you probably know, to build a site from the foundation until it will be found by visitors as you is a work of highly professional people from different spheres as designers, html you have also to know just going into details will make anybody crazy. And SBI gives you a package of tools and knowledge which use to to reach your goals. Anyone with high motivation and brain can manage it. For me SBI is a serious thing. I invest my valuable time and money. People with kids know very good those sleepless nights and days.

Well, I think I told everything I wanted in this page-about Zhanargul, her family, her hobby and job at the same time, I love all of that connected with the site building of Berlin Germany Fanclub. Now I understand what Adriano Celentano meant saying that his best creative ideas come when he is busy doing something at home.

 At the beginning I wanted to put only my photo as internet etiquette requires but my family demanded to be also included as they are also involved and also want to be famous. We have visitors from many different countries and it makes us happy to know it.

We wish you all the best.

Travel as much as you can and enjoy this life.


Zhanargul and her team

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