Berlin's Famous Square

Alexanderplatz Berlin's one of the most famous squares will be volens nolens your musts to visit. And you will not regret it. It is a nice place from which you can walk or catch a public transport for sightseeing the area. It is situated in the center of East Berlin which is called Mitte and very much recognizable due to the TV Tower and a special World Time Clock. Another short name of Alexanderplatz is Alex.

Common people did not want to pronounce this long name Alexander and plus Platz which means a square. Probably you know that Germans like to write several words together. The reason is not clear to normal Germans. They can not explain how it happened that some words are written together. But you can agree that the name Alexaderplatz Berlin sounds very good, noble and proud.

Some people think that Alexanderplatz was named after Alexander the Great. May be some people will be disappointed... This square was named after a Russian Tsar Alexander I who happened to visit Berlin in October 1805 and Prussian King Frederick William III willing to emphasize the honorable guest's visit ordered to name the place after Alexander I.

If you think that this place having such a name was supposed for high society events you are mistaken. It was a market place for agricultural products for many years after.

Later on Alexanderplatz of Berlin became more important due to Berlin transport system development.

The U-Bahn station of the modern U2 line was opened on 1 July 1913. Alexanderplatz U-Bahn station as well as S-Bahn are very important stations for you if you plan sightseeing the East Berlin center with its most historical buildings, monuments, museums and churches. Since the time of its existence Alexanderplatz Berlin was rebuilt and reconstructed several times. Nowadays you can see the main traces of GDR architectural style which still remain at Alexanderplatz but seeing how dynamically and rapidly Berlin changes it will not be surprising that many of those GDR style buildings will disappear. Instead many other commercial buildings as shopping malls, cinema and restaurants will appear .

Spare areas slowly disappear. Now Alexanderplatz is rather narrow but still cosy. The main GDR monuments such as TV Tower, World Time Clock, Galeria Kaufhof and tower of the hotel Park Inn Berlin will still remain as it looks like.
During GDR time World Time Clock played a special role for people who wanted to meet for the first time. You can meet for the first time. In any case this place had something romantic. Nowadays this tradition is not followed so strongly but from time to time you can see passing by that people meet there.

From the TV Tower it is possible to have a great view on the city and shoot good pictures. If you have intentions to spend some Euros it is a good idea to go up. But if you still want to have a great view and not spend for it anything may be just time you can enter Reichstag. It is free. But you will have to wait in the line. Sometimes it takes not that long. And it is also interesting to see this special building.

From Alexanderplatz you can also catch a famous bus N100 and travel around Berlin. From the pictures you can see that Alexanderplatz is very much crowded- You can meet there a lot of locals but much more tourists. It is a place where people like to go shopping. The Alexa shopping mall, with approximately 180 stores opened nearby during 2007 and Saturn electronic store was built and is open on Alexanderplatz since 2008. Galeria Kaufhof is a good shopping mall where you can buy a lot presents. If you find it rather expensive just go to Alexa shopping mall. In Christmas time you can find at Alexanderplatz Berlin a Christmas market. It looks beautiful and you can buy delicious food for every taste .

If you like clubbing and crawling you can start to check from Alexanderplatz Berlin and continue in any direction as every direction will offer you whatever you want.

If you walk around and see a beautiful red building, know that it is the seat of city government in German called the Rotes Rathaus and for you just simply Red City Hall. Alexanderplatz's Berlin's must visit place. Whatever you do you can not change it.

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