A Spirit Of Russia In Potsdam

Being in Potsdam to visit its beautiful sightseeing attractions as Sanssouci and Cecilienhof and other places which we will also highlight you will probably see something what will attract your interest. Alexandrowka... What is that?

Those 13 made of wood beautiful houses designed in Russian style which comprise a village-settlement or it is also called colony Alexanrowka are really eye catching.

It gives a special feeling to people who are used to see such structures in Central Russia and Siberia, Kazakhstan and other former Soviet Republics. Unassailable fence is an integral part of such structures.  That is why it is really very strange to see such a settlement in the center of Potsdam between Sanssouci and Schloss Cecilienhof.

The settlement has its own history which proves again the tight links between Russia and Germany. It is called in a typical Russian way as many Russian villages called-  Nikolaewka, Alexeewka- but the name is given to this place thanks to Russian tsar Alexander I as well as Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Alexander I played a special role in German Russian relationships and was not only a partner-allied but also a relative and friend to Hohenzollern family. That is why they wanted to create something special in his memory after he had died in 1825. The king Friedrich Wilhelm III issued an order to construct that colony for remaining 12 Russian singers of the First Prussian Regiment of the Guards. The village was created in accordance with the design of Russian architect with Italian origin Karlo Rossi. The construction lasted from 1826 till 1827. A similar village had been built in Russia near St. Petersburg and was called Glosovo. A Potsdam colony was a copy of Glosovo.

It is to be mentioned that an Orthodox church was constructed near the settlement. It is called Alexander-Newski Church. He was another great figure in the Russian history. May be that was the reason to call the church in his memory to emphasize the name.

In 1999 UNESCO  or United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has declared the Russian colony to be part of the cultural heritage of the world.

It is uneasy to keep the colony in the original order but there are enthusiastic and dedicated people to that special place in Potsdam. They managed to reconstruct some structures and keep them in good conditions. Thanks to them the place looks good and there is a museum which you can also visit.

Unfortunately, not so many descendants of the Russian singers live in the colony. But “Holy place is never empty“ as Russians themselves like to say. There are other people living in area and they look very serious about preserving that beautiful area. No doubt that even without being a cultural heritage of the world the colony would survive. The reason is simply that it is situated in Germany. Germans like to preserve and keep everything that they think is of value. And it is undoubtedly of value not only from historical point of view but also from architectural. There are not so many places in the world where you can find such structures.

Alexandrowka Museum

As it has been mentioned one of the houses has received a status of a museum which you can visit. The address you can find below.

14469 Potsdam
Tel.: 0331/ 8 17 02 03
Fax.: 0331/ 719 665

Tuesday-Sunday 10-18 Uhr
Friday until 21 Uhr

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