Berlin Airports -Tegel And Schoenefeld
And The New Airport-BBI

Berlin Airports: Berlin Tegel Airport or Berlin Schoenefeld Airport are your gates to Berlin by now as well as its Train Stations or Coach-Bus Stations. It is easy to get to Berlin. Just choose the best way for you. Choosing the right Airport is also important. As they are situated in different parts of Berlin. But if you can not chose between the Berlin airports you can learn about them to be more comfortable during your stay in Berlin.

Berlin owns everything at least doubled as you probably already know. Tegel and Schoenefeld are the proof of it. There was a third one which was closed not so long ago. And it was called Tempelhof Airport.

After referendum and long discussions in the Berlin society it was decided to close it but there are still some people who are unpleased with the decision and sure that it would not be bad to have Tempelhof back. But meanwhile the time has proved that without Tempelhof things go on smoothly in Berlin. Templehof also looks like surviving after being abandoned. Its huge territory is used for needs of Berlin for public entertainment and other humane purposes. You can also visit Tempelhof if you have interest for such buildings. It has also a historic value.

And another great news for Berliners and guests of Berlin- after 2014 Berlin will have another one but very big and modern airport. Berlin Tegel Airport and Berlin Schoenefeld airport will also follow the fate of Tempelhof. They will be abandoned. But do not worry they will also survive. There are some rumors that technical University of Berlin will take the building of the Berlin Tegel airport and move there. Of course, the building should be renovated and may be even reconstructed since at the moment Berlin Airport Tegel does not look like a prospective university building. But as our friend said that Germans are great specialists for renovations that is why may be the world will be once again surprised to see magic alterations of the former airport.

With the time Berlin will have the airport in the area where Berlin Schoenefeld Airport is situated. It means that passengers will have to cover substantial distances. But it is already decided that a train will connect the Main Station of Berlin with the new airport and it will not take long to reach the airport. Also a new highway is almost ready to connect the Berlin airport BBI with the city. BBI is abbreviation for Berlin Brandenburg International.

But also some changes take place in Berlin. Due to the fact that planes will cross another part of Berlin where the most prosperous Berliners have their expensive real estate the prices for land have changed. Rich ears do not like the noise of propellers (joking) and strong motors. And they also want to change all back. Back means that they do not care where the airport will be but it is not allowed to fly above their heads.

We personally are used that planes when landing fly above our heads and we can read their logos. We always say- Happy landing. Children playing call them "big mysterious birds" and in their games they play a role. We will miss a bit those landing planes. But inhabitants of other parts of Berlin who are not used to such flying objects are upset. We say: If you can not avoid-enjoy it. At the moment they disagree and initiate trials against the new Berlin airport.

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To process such changes is difficult. New Berlin airport will be very big, modern and have much more capacities as the old ones.

Getting to Berlin is simple and easy. Just choose the best way suitable for you. You can start enjoying your stay in capital of Germany from entering it from the main gates- Berlin Airport, Train Station and Coach Station. Or you can come having a very speedy experience by German Highway. It is also a very special experience.

So it starts to be clear that all Roads lead to Berlin. And they are by plane, by train, by coach, by car. Very strong people can try to come here by bike, bicycle and may be there some outstanding personalities who manage to come by foot.

But those times when people could afford such long and exhausting trips are over. Nowadays life is more mobile. And it is good. Faster you are here, longer can you stay here and be strong enough to enjoy Berlin. Remember Berlin has a lot to offer.

Berlin Tegel Airport and Berlin Schoenefeld Airport. As you already know Berlin has many objects at least doubled. And it is due to the Berlin History. German highway is something special and if you love to drive you can have your own experiences with unlimited speed in Germany. Some people are amazed after such driving that Germans can be so crazy.

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Coming by bus/coach to Berlin is also for people who enjoy such way of traveling when you can relax and at the same time enjoy landscape of Germany. More about such opportunities in Berlin and Germany we will describe here. If you dislike all other opportunities and prefer traveling by train you will enjoy it in Germany. Trains are comfortable and timely in Germany but may be a bit too expensive but you can book long before your trip or use some other ways to economize.

We intend to write more in detail about Berlin airports and especially the new Berlin Airport BBI. We will inform you how they work and what their main peculiarity is. Why do you need us? To learn about peculiarities of Berlin Airports, Berlin Transport; everything related to Berlin. We call it all Peculiarities, some people call it Secrets.

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