Berlin Blockade
Short But Remarkable Existence

Berlin Blockade existed from 24th June 1948 till 12th May 1949. This measure of the Soviets was a direct response to the introduction of new currency DM in the Western sectors of Berlin (in the Western zones it was introduced on 20th June).

All rails and roads to the Western sectors were closed and Soviets offered to supply them from Soviet zone.

The Western allied considered that this would give them a big influence in the Western sectors and decided to supply population by an airlift and it was called Berlin Airlift. That situation had lasted nearly for one year, before USA and Soviet Union came to an agreement.

Consequently a Western and Eastern states were founded in 1949 (Federal Republic of Germany in May, German Democratic Republic in October).

Germany as well as Berlin were split into two parts while the three Western sectors of Berlin were practically an island in the GDR.

The inner German border within Berlin was open, not all people could be controlled when passing it. That had the result of smuggling and a lot of people left East Germany that way (the other parts of inner German border were already guarded).

Finally, the East German government and the Soviet Union saw the only way to keep East Germany in closing the border, the Berlin Wall was invented.

Berlin Blockade played its role in the history of Berlin and became an initiator of Berlin Wall History.

The Eastern part of Berlin became capital of GDR against protests of Western allied. The Western sectors had a special status of occupation. Just once a year the parliament of FRG was demonstrating their presence there.

Soviet Union protested against it since they said that West Berlin was not a part of FRG but was a a special political unit. Western Allied did not accept East Berlin as a capital of GDR. It was a time of political games and intrigues.

In the 80ies the economical crisis of the Soviet Union and the relying states including GDR became obviously. In 1982 GDR was saved by FRG government from becoming bankrupt but besides of well-going business relations the political co-operation was still difficult. How it happened? FRG gave a guarantee for a credit received from a private West German bank.

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In 1989 after Hungary opened its border to Austria it was clear that changes will come.

After a big demonstration on 4th November at Berlin Alexanderplatz with more than 1 million persons, the Berlin Wall was opened at the night from 9th to 10th November.

It was an enthusiastic time with a lot of joy. After changes in the government new first time free elections took place in March 1990. These elections were strongly influenced by West German politicians and policy.

Finally, that process flowed into the re-unification. That was in reality more an absorbing since East German system was bankrupt, the country was more little (16 million compared to 66 million inhabitants in FRG) and its leaders discredited or inexperienced.

A trust company “Treuhandgesellschaft” was founded to handle all East German property, especially the banks, factories and real estate property. This company saw its first target in privatizing all and not in saving as much as possible.

These economic measures and a bad starting status caused a shock for East German economy and it has taken and will take a lot of time to recover from this.

In 1993 the German parliament decided to return to Berlin from Bonn, where it was placed from 1949 till 1998.

Even so it has always taken the deputy place for Berlin. Bonn was not ready to give up the role as capital. The parliament and a lot of ministries have started to work from Berlin in 1998.

Today Berlin is the biggest city in Germany, the real political and cultural centre of Germany. Its economical power is still lower than German average but the prospects are good.

It is now the third biggest city in the European Union. Majority of Berlin people like to live in this green city very much. So, Berlin Blockade, Berlin Wall and Berlin Airlift are a big part of Berlin History which is its past. The present we explore together with you, about the future of this great city we can only guess but hope it will be good and happy for inhabitants of Berlin and its guests. Let's look into the future with optimism.

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