Berlin Brandenburg Airport
Let's Hope For The Best

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is really one of the construction wonders all Berliners wait for with less and less patience. Not all tourists know that there is a special object being constructed in Berlin since many years... It was promised to be put into operation in 2010.

Our friends even participated in the preliminary opening of the airport. They read an announcement looking for volunteers who would participate in the preliminary start into operation to check if everything works without problems and on time. For many people it was a real fun to play such an interesting game.


And I think it is really good to think over every detail that no problems occur when the real operation takes place. Our friends had to fly to Israel, which city I do not remember. But their flight details were wrong and something did not work correct but who knew that after such a serious preparation the Berlin Brandenburg Airport would still stay.

It was promised to celebrate the opening ceremony of Berlin Brandenburg airport in 2010. Then due to some technical reasons the opening was postponed. After that one problem appears after another, teams of project administration and construction management keep changing.

And now in 2013 it is still staying.

I had to fly last winter from the Schoenefeld airport and losing our way to the airport we approached the airport site. It is absolutely different from the both existing airports in Berlin-Tegel and Schoenefeld. It is promised to be the most modern and huge airports in Germany.

And just from the very first site without entering the airport area we could feel that it was really true.

So, we all hope that one beautiful day we will be happy to use the Berlin Brandenburg Airport. May be it is one of the most scandalous airports in the whole world but we already like it.

It will be modern and have more connections to other parts of the world. And who knows may be when you come to Berlin it will be opened and you will enjoy the new construction wonder.

About the two present airports of Berlin you can read on our pages devoted to Berlin Tegel Airport and Berlin Schoenefeld Airport.

The new airport will substitute the two according to the plans. But reality is that it is still not clear when the new one will be put into operation. But the city does not suffer.

Berlin Tegel is still convenient due to its location closer to the center. And Berlin Schoenefeld is just close to the new airport, they both are around 18 km away from Berlin. But a good connection is already awaiting. Who could know it will last years to finish the new airport.

The fate of Berlin Hauptbahnhof was not so tragic. And people take it as it is that it works the planned way without great problems. With Berlin Brandenburg it will be different- we all will be happy about its opening and then we will be wondering why it took so long…

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