Berlin Calling Opportunities

Issue of Berlin calling opportunities is very important when you come to the capital of Germany and want to know local tricks.

Nowadays people talk much more on telephone and using other possibilities and pay less. Looks like in the future we will enjoy much more the progress of telecommunication. But even now it is already great and actually can be sufficient. But I think the progress will continue and who knows what we will have when we are old.

So, if you are going to Berlin and think how you will call home or to your friends and whoever you want, you should know some tricks which even not all local Berliners do know.

Skype is the first thing which is free of charge. I personally use it more than 9 years. And taking into account that Skype is born in 2003 I can consider myself to be a veteran of Skype.

Modern Skype is very much different from the old version. Now you can have conference with your family members and friends all together.

You can show them what you have on your display and look together at pictures and so on from your computer. You can also send video messages.

Modern mobile telephones can also have Skype version which you can successfully use. They also have possibilities to call on telephone but it is not free, sometimes it makes also sense.

Internet access you can have in many public places and especially in hotels in Berlin.

Another good way is to use free or very cheap telephone services to call abroad from Germany. I will give you some tips how to use special websites to call for free or cheap but please, remember that it is related to flat-rate telephones in Germany. Please, always check before using some Berlin calling opportunities which we discuss here. It might happen that some changes occur and they are not free or as cheap as you expect.

I mentioned many times on my other pages that it is always necessary to read all what is written on the contracts and even advertising on the streets in Berlin and generally in Germany. The most important sometimes written with very little letters under sign "*" just below the main text.

For instance, on the board in front of a pub you can see the prices- 1 beer 2€*. And below with tiny letters you can see that prices are valid only until 18 o'clock. It means if you come later and drink 5 beers you will have to pay not 10€ but 30€ because after 18 o'clock the price is different. And if you do not know about it, it is your problem.

It is expected that you carefully read the text and understand it.

Below you can find three types of telephone connections using which you can call free of charge.

Call cheap is a very convenient way to call. Find in the list the countries you are willing to call the one you need. Normally, you dial the local German number, then after a speech of the operator you must dial your number including a country code and a city code. Everything is very good explained on the website. is also a good chance to connect cheap and even free. Here you should insert your codes and numbers into system and it will generate a local German number for you and you can call. But there are some limits and not so many countries in the list.

The third type I personally did not use but it sounds also not bad. If you do not find another better way to call, it is also good to be considered. It has more countries in the list.

All of those Berlin calling opportunities are cheap or free only if the land line is free or cheap, for instance in the hotel.

You can also consider purchasing a local SIM card. O2 can have sometimes free cards which you can use in Germany.


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