Berlin Casino
Two Are Better Than Nothing?

Berlin Casino list is poor. Berlin is absolutely not the capital of gamblers. Gamblers will be bored probably here.

Or maybe, they will thinks to come to Berlin to be a good tourists and when the passion to gamble will start to awake, they can start to think which of two casinos they should choose to start with.

You can nevertheless use these locations if you have interest:

Spielbank Berlin

There you can find roulette and all kind of games with cards (table games) as well as slot machines. The address is Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1, Potsdamerplatz, Berlin, telephone 030 255990.

There are three branches of Spiebank in Berlin just with slot machines.

Casino Berlin

It has nearly 200 slot machines. Address is Am Fernsehturm, Panoramastrasse 1a, 10178 Berlin, Alexanderplatz, Telefon 0 30 2063099-0.

Thinking about Berlin casino, gambling and Germany evolves association with the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky who was also famous for suffering gambling addiction.

He lost a lot of money in Germany but not in Berlin, in Baden-Baden. And the only way he could make money was writing, that is why he wrote a lot.

Dostoyevsky is often acknowledged by critics as one of the greatest and most prominent psychologists in the world literature but he also could not solve his problem.

So, let us not talk about sad stories... Do not worry... in many pubs, clubs and restaurants you can find slot machines which Germans call Einarmiger Bandit. It is clear what is meant-a bandit with one arm.

Even if this bandit has only one arm he can take a lot of money from people and what is interesting in this case- People give it voluntarily.

Also think about a proper outfit. Dress code requirement is to look elegant and avoid too casual dress. So, again... whatever makes you happy you can find in Berlin.

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Berlin is famous for good restaurants and affordable prices.

You can try a full range of Berlin Nightlife Entertainment including Striptease.

Berlin Nightlife is very rich but do not forget about Berlin Sightseeing. It is not a waist of time. It is very pleasant and unforgettable!

Berlin clubs are always something to try and see if it is sooo good or terrible. You know... Tastes differ.

Dancing and flirting in Berlin is especially pleasant. And you will learn it when you try it!

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