Berlin Cathedral
A Beauty On Spree

Berlin Cathedral is one of the most beautiful historic and sightseeing objects in the capital of Germany.

It is located in the heart of the city, one step away from the Museum Island. To miss it is very difficult. When you are in Berlin you will pass it many times, every time willing to admire its beauty and relax shortly in front together with other tired from walking and too many impressions tourists.

Please, note that in the neighboring building you can see the world famous Nefertiti bust. If you have time and opportunity to enter the Neues Museum just do it. You will not regret it. And you will finally understand why Nefertiti is called the most beautiful woman in the world.

The Berlin Cathedral is so much interesting to people that due to some reason since long ago-10 years or so, the entrance to the cathedral is not free. Do not be disappointed-there are not so many places which are free in Berlin. Just take it as it is. The Cathedral's website explains that the reason is that they need around €10,000.00 per day to cover all the costs they have to bear. But the city's government doesn’t fully finance it. The ticket costs around €7.00 per adults and €4.00 reduced or for children.

But if you enter the Berlin Cathedral you will admire the beauty of interior design. Berliners are not really religious. And the cathedral is just being transformed from a religious place as a church also into museum.

A Bit Of History

The Berlin Cathedral is called Berliner Dom in German. It is a Protestantic church and it has never been a real cathedral in the religious meaning since the bishop has never had his seat there.

The construction of the first version of the church started in 1465. It was dedicated to be a parish church. It was located on the bank of the river Spree.

All the four versions of the church were located on the same place where the Cathedral is placed nowadays.

The three previous versions of the church which due to different circumstances were torn down. Usually they were morally and physically out of date- construction materials were of a bad quality or looked not that attractive according to the rulers.

Previous versions:

  • Establishment of a Collegiate Church in Berlin (1451–1536)
  • The Collegiate Church Residing in the former Black Friars' Church of St. Paul's south of the Castle (1536–1747)

  • The Supreme Parish Church Residing in its new Building north of the Castle (1750–1893)

The previous church building was demolished in 1893.

The start of the construction from foundation stone took place on June 17th, 1894.

On 27 February 1905 the present building was inaugurated.

Julius and Otto Raschdorff, father and son, built the Supreme Parish and Cathedral Church or Berlin Cathedral as it is more commonly called. It is constructed in high Neo-Renaissance style.

During the World War II the church was damaged. During GDR period the it stayed closed. But the GDR still kept the destroyed church in order that it was not ruined completely. And religious services were also held.

In reality GDR authorities were not interested in expensive reconstruction of the church but they also did not want to get rid of one of the most beautiful historic monument.

In 1993 the church was reopened after restoration.

It should be emphasized that the cathedral is really impressing due to its beauty and rich decorations. The Berlin Cathedral was criticized due to unusual look for a Protestantic churches which were famous for modesty and simplicity of architecture and internal design.

It is also important to mention that the Cathedral is also

the sepulcher of the Prussian Hohenzollern dynasty.

If you go to the Cathedral you can also see it on the ground floor.

Address: Lustgarten 1

10178 Berlin




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