Berlin Culture
Take It As It Is

Berlin culture is an integral part of German culture and European as well but with some peculiarities. If you are very eager to learn and experience them you are to come to Berlin one beautiful day. You will not be disappointed with Berlin culture most likely.

But still there are people who can say:

There is no culture in Paris. (sorry but we talked about Paris) It is dirty and absolutely different from what they say on TV and Glamor magazines.

And such people hear only and see what they want and able- fashion, perfume, wine and beautiful women. Such people do not read Emile Zola's books and are not prepared for different Paris.

Or one woman said: New York is terrible and no culture is in New York.

The reason for such expressions was that she had a bad experience in New York tube. One guy was expectorating onto her head.

Normally, she could be very aggressive and her employees were afraid of her but the guy looked like going home for Christmas from a local prison.

And her opinion was made by that incident and was negative.

We hope you will not have such an experience in Berlin and you will be prepared to understand Berlin and see its real side and enjoy your stay in Berlin.

And the main aim of our site is to prepare you and be helpful.

Actually to avoid a cultural shock. Take Berlin as it is.

It is also not a paradise. People can be dressed in a strange way and sometimes they can drink alcohol in public transport. Even vodka.

Perhaps you'd like seeing these pages:

And as appetizer we will give you some food for your brain that when you come you can understand what we talk about or may be go further in understanding of local culture and share it with the other ones curious to learn more about Berlin as we and our readers.

Definition of the word "culture" is uneasy and ungrateful job because we can get lost in defining Berlin culture from the philosophical point of view and find ourselves in forests of Brandenburg.

That is why the efforts with definitions we will leave to highly educated people in the field of philosophy. Even if we say sometimes that living in Berlin makes people slowly but surely philosophers.

Still the job with definitions is boring.

Being simple in descriptions and evaluations is the best for us. Because we want you to understand what we mean talking about Berlin culture.

It is what Berliners make and produce and reproduce to feel good and happy in Berlin which they also made with their hands and souls to satisfy demands and requests of people living in Berlin and visiting it.

Creativeness of people living in Berlin makes the local culture.
Berliners were always proud of their city and wanted it to be one of the best and who knows (being modest is not always good)-They want Berlin to be the best, to be the most attractive and interesting for themselves and people visiting Berlin.

And all that you can feel when you start to contemplate about Berlin peculiarities.

For some things Berlin is even famous to be unique.

Who can proudly state that they have three Opera Houses in one city?

All of them-Staatsoper Unter den Linden, the Deutsche Oper, and the Komische Oper are working along with the State Ballet newly established in 2004 and performing and adding value to the world culture!

People say only Berlin has three fully functioning and great Opera houses.

The same with other cultural institutions. We always emphasize that Berlin has everything at least twice. Two Zoos, more than 420 art galleries, tons of museums starting with the world famous Pergamon and the city has three experimental opera ensembles, seven symphony orchestras, and around 15 chamber orchestras giving regular concerts, as well 850 choral groups, while a new musical theater was built at Potsdamer Platz.

Public and private theaters including several with an international reputation and many independent groups add value to Berlin’s theatrical tradition and the list can be continued.

We do not want to kill you with statistics but really Berlin can impress even you.

If you have interest to visit concerts or operas or who knows may be you love ballet just check out the link Tickets bei

to see what you can see in Berlin in the nearest future.

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