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Berlin discos are the same as everywhere in the world-a lot of people... to be short to describe it.

If you still have energy go there and show yourself and look what others can do... You will be amazed... A lot of lonely guys and girls, men and women... a nice place to start to learn German.

Maybe a bit too laud. When people have the sympathy to each other, it does not bother them at all.

The discos you find below are for adults.

If you are elder than 18 and younger than 100 you will be allowed to have fan there.

Again... make sure that you like the prices beforehand and be careful with beautiful girls and since you are in Berlin... boys also.

But of course, unless you are looking for such special experiences.

Here is a short overview of discos you can visit in Berlin:

Q-dorf - Joachimstaler Str. 15, 10719 Berlin, next to metro station Kurfuerstendamm, telephone 030 88001617.

Discothek Geburtstagsklub - Am Friedrichshain 33, 10407 Berlin, telephone 030 42021405 .

Discothek Tollhaus - Siegfriedstr. 136, 10365 Berlin, telephone 030 55775577 .

Diskothek Steinhaus - Strassburgerstr. 55, 10405 Berlin, telephone 030 4418221.

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The Berlin discos, we mentioned, are the most famous ones. But you can understand that Berlin can not be happy just with those four above mentioned discos. That is why there are much more of other discos. Some of them have special orientation and background.

Different nationalities living in this great city can enjoy their music in local discos. For instance, Russian or Mongolian discos... or many others.

If you have your own experience with other discos, please drop a message about it using the form below.

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