Berlin Discos
or Doomsday celebration
at Berghain

Talking about Berlin Discos we should start with an explanation that using this term for Berlin can lead to discrepancies and some misunderstandings. The reason is that this expression is getting more and more old fashioned. The loved by many funs word disco or discothèque of 70s and 80s and less in 90s is nowadays more useful for village gatherings with some light and cheerful music which makes people dance and have fun all together. More they drink, better it is and more funny. And it is a good place for people to get acquainted also by the way.

In Berlin you can also find different places similar to that imagination of the expression Berlin discos. You can find variety of things related to entertainment in Berlin. Tastes differ.

And Berlin is targeted to satisfy different tastes.

But nowadays people look for other type of entertainment which is called clubs. We have a page devoted to Berlin clubs. If you want to dig more about Berlin nightlife you can visit our pages dedicated to those themes.

Meanwhile Berlin is gaining more popularity with tourists from all over the globe and local German tourists as well thanks to rich for events nightlife. Berlin discos or night clubs are in the leading position because many people come to Berlin for a couple of days or better to say a couple of nights to spend them in night clubs as Berghain, for instance.

Why do they come even from other countries to have fun in that world famous night club? Trying to find out impressions of different people I can make a short compilation of the main sense they tried to express. The most appealing description was calling the event in the club a Doomsday celebration. The building of the Berghain club is the former power plant. Inside it looks special as you can imagine- all covered with concrete, looking dark and gloomy like a house for ghosts and other terrible inhabitants of a mysterious world as people describe it.

At the entrance people wait at least half an hour but reportedly usually around one hour. If you are resolute about entering the number one club in Berlin it does not mean that you will be allowed. Not all people can enter. Very strict guards at the entrance decide themselves who can enter and who not. How do they select successful candidates? People could not figure out. But the main thing should be kept in mind- candidates should be not too old, not too young, 18 years at least. Not too drunk and able to have a vertical standing position and not alone. Lonely people are not welcomed in nay Berlin discos and clubs, they say. Your outfit should say one thing- I love techno. Your eyes should show your open-minded attitude to the life and friendliness to people of any orientation and looks as gays, lesbians and others whom you will meet there in a very concentrated proportion. Some people say that if you want to learn and understand Berlin you should go to Berghain. Very doubtful but who knows. I would say it is only one angle. In any case this place is an integral part of Berlin. Many Berlin clubs have their websites where you can listen to the music they have. You can also find a daily program they offer. And even subscribe for a newsletter. What a wonderful world- everything is supposed for customer’s satisfaction.

To go to Berghain or any other club everyone decides personally. Just for your reference I can referrer to some of the impressions of people.

- "Crazy club! I left around 6.30 in the morning and a crowd of people continued to stay in the line. What did they want to do there in the morning? There are rumors that parties continue for 30 hours without stop. I was shocked." a young Berlin visitor said.

- "My first impression about Berghain- a gloomy terrifying house with ghosts. Frightening looking security and women with tattoo everywhere, punk looking woman to check females." Another impression -"it looks like a dusty bunker with concrete wall and floor and metal staircases everywhere, no place to sit and watch silent crowd of zombies dancing on techno music. Crazy all what happened there. On the other hand you feel safe in Berghain because nobody cares about you. And at some moment you feel the unity of all those people who seem to be all in themselves. A special moment."

-"Comparing the club to other clubs around the world they say it is very special. It is not like others funny, cheerful and emotional clubs in other cities as Ibiza, Helsinki or Moscow. It has a special sound and music which is pressing on the brain and producing a special feeling that you are in a hell. On the other hand you feel good and safe because nobody cares about you and what you do. All are absorbed by themselves. It is so great and it is so different from all the other things I experienced. Being one of those zombies feels so special. Shocked and would repeat it next time."

-"Dark rest rooms without mirrors and signs. People smoke where they want and what they want. And they also do what they want. And you can see them everywhere. They are free. Too free."

This is our short excursion to the Berlin discos. Everyone can find something special and unforgettable for themselves. Who knows may be it will be the last time to visit Berlin and you will keep your memories about your brave young years and your first nirvana experience at Berghain or maybe you will say "it was like sinking into depravity which obscured the soul" and having such a terrible experience would not be possible again.

Berlin discos are not that simple. Finding your very special one will take time and some efforts.

So, now we know that Berlin clubs are of interest not only for locals, and inhabitants of other German cities and villages but also for foreign visitors, especially from Europe but from other countries as well. Scandinavian tourists like to be a bit shaken by the zombie experience after clean and quiet life they live. For Russian tourists it is absolutely different experience because Russian clubs are more cheerful, with lot of strong drinks beautiful girls with a lot of make up and great fashionable outfit.

Berlin night clubs are simply different. You become a zombie and joining the community of zombies you feel good. It will be not cheerful and funny, graceful and humorous but dark, simple, a bit terrible but also free. Of course, not free of charge. There are not so many things in Berlin which are free of charge.

The prices are as follows: entrance fee starting around 10 EUR. Beer Berliner Pilsener around 3 EUR.

Similar prices you can find in other places of entertainment.


Am Wriezener Bahnhof
10243 Berlin Friedrichshain

tel. 030 29360210

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