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Berlin Germany weather is something you must know before coming here. This is true. You never know what will occur to the weather-will it be kind to you and wonderful in general or you will have to run around with your favorite umbrella.

Or regret about a lot of warm cloths you have left at home. You could have used your warm clothing very good if you only knew about weather peculiarities in this great city.

This city is great-no doubt but a local weather is to be checked always before you start.

It is good to be prepared. And we are here to explain some general things about weather in Berlin Germany.

Berlin Germany weather has a lot of surprises even for locals. You never know what will happen next month even if the modern forecast is much more reliable than in the past but 100% sure you can never be.

And general ideas about weather in Germany can also be not helpful sometimes. That is why always check Berlin weather forecast for being comfortable and enjoying your your stay here.

So, let us start from Berlin Germany weather in a winter time. Winters can be very mild or rather cold here. There have been years with just a little bit of snow. We could only manage to run outdoors to catch some snow- Our daughter loves snow. The joy lasted usually one day and then again just rain and darkness of winter season. Such winters kids do not like. Of course, such kind of winters are good for local flora and fauna and all who have to spend long time outdoors.

So, temperature in winter time can fluctuate from:

December Avg Low: 0° Avg High: 3°
January Avg Low: -1° Avg High: 3°
February Avg Low: -1° Avg High: 4°

Well, this is the average. For some years it was really true. But the winters of 2010 and 2011 showed absolutely different picture. And locals started to be seriously concerned-if this is really the way that the capital of Germany exchanged places with Siberia.

Climate Graph (metric)-Berlin Germany Weather

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Berlin Climograph/ Climate Chart (imperial)-Berlin Germany Weather

Berlin Climate graph contributed by

From the graphs above you can see what the Berlin Germany weather is like in general. Please, have a look at our other page dedicated to Berlin weather.

Just to summarize Berlin Germany weather conditions we would like to say that the best time for coming to Berlin you should define yourself.

All depends on your plans and ideas how to have your travel the best way organized and enjoyed.

If you come with kids , for instance, the best time we recommend is summer, second part of spring and the first part of of the fall.

Here you should take into consideration even the influenza period in Berlin which is very much spread in colder times.

But if just for shopping, any time is good. Of course, Berlin has a lot of open air markets but generally and most visited are indoors. And under such circumstances weather is not important. Berlin air is usually good all seasons. It is much polluted.

Berlin weather

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So, temperature in a spring time can fluctuate from:

March Avg Low: 2° Avg High: 8°
April Avg Low: 5° Avg High: 14°
May Avg Low: 10° Avg High: 19°

Spring is already a better time to come to Berlin Germany. Days are already warmer and not dark as in winter. from the pictures you can feel the difference. And when you come one beautiful day, you will definitely like this beautiful city much more comparing to winter. Even though, winter has its own charm in Berlin.

Temperature in a summer time can fluctuate from:

June Avg Low: 13° Avg High: 22°
July Avg Low: 15° Avg High: 24°
August Avg Low: 14° Avg High: 24°

Summer in Berlin is the best time to come to Berlin. You can see looking at the table that days come warmer and longer. You can enjoy this great city and probably decide to come to Berlin from time to time. And do not forget to take your friends and loved ones. Just to enjoy even Berlin alone does not make so much fun as with someone with whom you can share your impressions and feel comfortable.

Temperature in an autumn time can fluctuate from:

September Avg Low: 11° Avg High: 19°
October Avg Low: 7° Avg High: 14°
November Avg Low: 3° Avg High: 7°

Autumn in Berlin is beautiful as many of trees change colors and Berlin is not any more predominantly green. It is multicolor. If it is not raining all the time even November can be pleasant. But September and October are very beautiful and considered to be a great time for visiting the capital of Germany. It is really makes sense to study Berlin Germany Weather. Study other pages about weather and other peculiarities of this city and enjoy your stay in Berlin.

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