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Berlin Google Map is your assistant to find your way in the capital of Germany. A good orientation will save you money, time and nerves. And it will make your stay in Berlin pleasant and unforgettable.

We continue to provide maps for convenience of our readers. Berlin is a huge city with a complicated structure. It is grown from parts of different former villages and little towns which were used to be satellites of Berlin. Those satellites were successfully absorbed by this city which will not mind to continue growing nowardays as well.

Sometimes it might happen when you appear at some destination of this city and think it is a rural area and you probably must have lost your way. But in reality you can be not far from the center. But for you it will look like a forest or a village.

In such cases it is good to have a map and have idea where you have landed. Google map is great thing. It will help not only in your orientation but also will show some satellite views and if you want Earth.

With the help of this great map people can at last see not only their own house and land but of the neighbors also. So, be convenient to use this great tool.

Navigation controls

  • Use the up, down, left, and right controls to navigate around the map
  • Use the zoom slider to zoom in and out on a location.

Street View

  • Drag the yellow pegman on the map's zoom controls to a location on the map to view and navigate street- level imagery.


  • The Map area will show a geographical location with corresponding search results and other information from that location.


  • Toggle between Map, Satellite, and Earth views

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