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Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Hbh) is located in the heart of Berlin connecting many train stations located in the capital. Network system of train stations of Berlin was previously complicated and moving from one part of Berlin to another part of Germany could be not that easy.

 It is also another positive effect of unification that after West and East Berlin could get rid of the Berlin Wall it started to be clear that the old network system of railways was not convenient and needed additional adjustments.


It was necessary to unify all existing railways and stations and try to be convenient. A new station appeared on the place where the previous Lehrter Bahnhof was situated. Sometimes you can hear both names. It normal for locals to remember old names of streets and significant buildings in the city.

So, Hauptbahnhof was opened on the May 26, 2006. From time to time some maintenance should be done on the station and connected to the station facilities but generally authorities and public are satisfied with the station, opposed to the situation with the new Berlin airport which all look forward to use. But it is still not clear when it will be opened.

As you could probably guess, Berlin Hauptbahnhof can be translated into English as a Central Station. Let's start using the German expression. It will help you to be more prepared, because when you come to Berlin and can get lost (in such a huge city most probable at least once) and if you ask locals: Where is the Central station? They will be wondering what you ask about. And if just ask about Hauptbahnhof, they will immediately understand you.

You should also note that Germans like the English language as they all learn it at school starting from the second grade but not many of them can really speak fluently. It is not that terrible like in Paris but still do not think that every person you meet can speak English.

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Berlin Hauptbahnhof has a huge building 25m high having 5 floors. It is not only a station but also an excellent shopping center. Also good to remember that on Sundays shopping possibilities are limited in Berlin. And shops also do not work until late. But if you need something to buy you can always go to the station. In one of many shops you will find what you want.

If you think to travel to other destinations in Europe or in Germany you will most likely need to go to station to start your journey. I was surprised to learn that there are trains to Siberia starting from Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Such destinations as Novosibirsk and Astana are offered for travelers willing to discover more that Europe and Germany. If you want to perceive why Siberia is called huge and boundless, keep in mind that you can consider Hauptbahnhof as your starting point.

 Tickets nowadays people buy online. You can check the Deutsche Bahn timetable and tickets to any destination you dream.

From Berlin Hauptbahnhof you can directly go to Berlin Schoenefeld airport. When another great dream of Berliners will be opened-Berlin Brandenburg airport it will have a good connection to the Hauptbahnhof.

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Check our page devoted to Berlin Transport and learn how you can move in the city easily. Some tips will make your Berlin travel more convenient and pleasant.



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