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Let's explore Berlin History to get to know it better. We will start from the beginning and official beginning or birth of cities is the year when city was mentioned in documents for the first time.

So, in 1987 Berlin celebrated 750th anniversary of existence.

This refers to first documents mentioning Coelln.

It means that you can easily calculate yourself how young Berlin is.

Coelln and Berlin had been twin towns which later on united into one under the name Berlin.

Here we can use word-Unification related to Berlin for the first time.

But in the meantime there were found wooden pieces of structures which probably prove that in 1183 the location was already settled.

The name of Berlin itself is mentioned first time in 1244.

The reason for the foundation of Berlin and Coelln was as usually economic-the cross of trade roads from river Oder to Elbe and Saxonia.

Here was the best place to cross river Spree. Both towns show typical characteristics for German towns in the East but there had not been found a proof that there were Slavic settlers before at those places.

Both towns were surrounded by one wall for protection. And they were split by river Spree.

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First churches St. Nicholas's and St. Mary's are built in 13th century.

You can still see and visit them in the center close to Alexanderplatz.

Berlin and Coelln were situated in the Mark Brandenburg. Mark was a term meaning boundaries. Mark Brandenburg became an electorate in 1356.

It means that the head of Mark Brandenburg could participate at the election of Emperor of Germany together with the other 6 members.

In other words Brandenburg became important.

Berlin-Coelln became a member of Hanseatic League. And after some time in 1518 they terminated membership due to the pressure from the side of elector.

That membership did not have big influence in the history of Berlin.

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