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Berlin International Film Festival is a remarkable event in the cultural life of the most attractive city. If you love movies, movie starts, celebrities and red carpets, do not hesitate to come to participate and have fun and great time.

Who knows may be you will be happy to tell your story to your grandchildren after many years and tell them that you could see Meryl Streep in Berlin who was just in one step distance from you.

"Oh, those unforgettable times, when the greatest stars were so young and we could see them. And they were so modest and talented not like contemporary ugly actresses without talent and very stupid, by the way!"- probably you would say.

And your dearest ones will be amazed that you could manage such great things in your life. If you love more Angelina Jolie you can tell the same story but the main heroin would be the admirable Angelina Jolie.

It is true many stars come to Berlin and participate in Berlinale. They come to show their works proudly and jury is busy to find out the best ones in their opinion. Tastes differ as we all know. Your opinion is decisive for you. If you love Shahrukh Khan you do not need to compare him with Brad Pitt. They are so different...

The only thing which can be a common ground for them is International Berlin Film Festival or shorter Berlinale which can connect things which normally do not come across.

Some interesting facts about history of Berlin International Film Festival:

  • Oscar Martay was Film Officer of the American military administration in Germany. He is considered to be the initiator of the Berlin International Film Festival.

  • When he came to Berlin he was 28.

  • Oscar Martay was in charge of American Film issues in Berlin. He managed special low-price screenings for residents of West Berlin as well as bordering Eastern parts of the city even if they were in the other sector.

  • From 1950 Martay started foundation of the Berlin International Film Festival and created a a special committee to proceed with his idea.

    American military administration granted loans during the first years of the Berlinale to cover festival's costs.

  • At the first Berlinale in 1951 Oscar Martay was awarded a Golden Bear for his excellent organization skills and talents for creating the festival.

  • In 1953 Oscar Martay quit his post in the US State Department and began to work for the Berlin production company Berolina-Film.
  • In 1955 he married a German actress Renate Barken. And decided to permanently reside in Germany. he could make come true a lot of projects and his life in Germany

Oscar Martey was the initiator of Berlinale and most probably he was inspired by the Cannes Festival which was founded two years prior to Berlinale.

So, now you see that Berlin Film Festival is worthy of your attention if you love cinema, culture and you will come to Berlin in February even if it is told everywhere that it is not the best time to come to Berlin.

But if you are a fan of a great actor or actress and have had a dream to see your idol closer and may be you will be so lucky that He Or She will notice you... You can really use this chance. Very popular actors and actresses can be seen during Berlinale and not only at the places where officially the Berlin Film Festival is held.

Here's some more interesting stuff about this great city for you to explore:

There are some peculiarities with buying tickets which you should know ahead of time.... Even if it is very much publicly attended still as Germans like to regulate everything in a special order please, learn ahead where exactly they sell tickets, since some times it might happen that your planned and awaited visit will be missed.

You should not think that, for instance, in Berlin noone knows Shahrukh Khan. He is a movie star in India. But in Europe it turned out that he is also very much popular and getting more and more popular.

That's why taking into account that thanks to modern transportation possibilities fans of stars can appear at Berlinale from any country.

And for Europeans it is very easy. So, use this great opportunity to use open character of Berlin International Film Festival and enjoy new films from all over the globe.

It is good to use the site of Berlinale as your assistant to make things easier. They have a special information published on the site where to buy tickets online and in which shops.

Potsdamer Platz became a home for the Berlinale. To get to the place is easy (metro lines U2, S1, S2, and some other ways which can be offered by BVG read how to use Berlin transport system which is worthy of your attention before you start ).

Potsdamer Platz is like an island especially designed for Berlinale with most of the theaters, the "Berlinale Palast" and its red carpet and film premiers,restaurants, hotels and the staff headquarters of the Berlin International Film Festival.

It is also good to know that ticket prices range from 7 to 20 Euro. You can get your Berlinale tickets Online (with credit cards) and at the central ticket counter in the shopping mall "Arkaden", in the center of Potsdamer Platz.

As well as at the box-offices of the theaters. Tickets purchased at the ticket counter and box offices have to be paid in cash. For students there are some advantages like discounts and special places.

Knowing about Berlinale a bit more than other tourists will help you to be more comfortable in the capital of Germany.

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