Berlin Restaurants Offer
Delicious Dishes
For Every Taste and Pocket

Berlin restaurants are not different from any other restaurants, let's say in London or Paris.

You can also eat and drink there. The only difference is the price for the pleasure. In Berlin you will be surprised to pay much less.

So, in Berlin you can find a wide range of different pubs and restaurants.If you just would like to eat and enjoy good drinks you can enter any of them just study before menu to make sure that it is really what you want.

We just would like to mention special Berlin restaurants:

Broker's Bier Boerse - Schiffbauerdamm 41, Berlin 10117, telephone 030 30872293. The clou here is that prices of beer are determined by purchase and sale, prices are floating. You can translate it as Beer Exchange.

Here you will have a lot of fun observing prices to learn if you made a good deal or lost until the next buy.

Unsicht-Bar Berlin - Gormannstr. 14, 10119 Berlin, telephone 030 24342500.

Here is all done in total darkness. Difficult to imagine but this place is one of the most popular Berlin restaurants.

Nocti Vagus - Saarbruecker Strasse 36-38 in 10405 Berlin, telephone 030 74749123.

It is a restaurant of darkness, too. It seems to become a trend. You never know who is sitting next to you. Depends on your imagination.

Maybe... maybe... maybe not...

Das Klo - Leibnizstrasse 57, 10629 Berlin, telephone 030 43727219.

All interior and used dishes are connected with toilet.

If you are interested to have a special experience with Berlin Reastaurants try your fortune there. One thing we can guarantee- you will never forget it.

Ballrooms a special type of old Berlin style to connect a restaurant with dancing.

Here are some:

Claerchens Ballhaus – Auguststrasse 24, 10117 Berlin, telephone 030 2829295.

It is also possible to have training in classic dancing. Such a nice and promissing place for romantic people.

Altdeutsches Ballhaus - Ackerstrasse 144, 10115 Berlin, telephone 030 2826819. What a nice and beautiful place for romantic hearts. Just be prepared and be dressed accordingly to have a great time.

Tanzbar Ballhaus Berlin - Chausseestr. 102, 10115 Berlin, telephone 030 2827575.

Speciality here is that each table is provided with a telephone as a flirting line. If you are still alone and have a good idea of flirting in Berlin do not miss such a good opportunity.

If you are shy take with you a couple of friends. And most likely you will be happy that you learnt about this place from us because who knows... maybe... it will change your entire life.

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