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Transformation Is Not Over

Berlin Schoenefeld Airport (SXF) is your possible gate to Berlin. It lost importance it enjoyed in the past but quantity of passengers increased with years after reunification.

It was used to be the main International airport of East Berlin as well as GDR in general.

Now people are free to fly away and come back when needed. Isn't it great? There was time when citizens of GDR even could not dream to have vacation in Spain or fly to London as if it were the closest village.

Now it is possible and even cheap to do it. It is important to have the right information.

My friend could fly to Dublin for one day. The purpose was sightseeing. She paid around 30 EUR. Who could imagine in GDR that such times will come when someone can fly to Dublin for one day? For some people it would be a nightmare for others a quantum jumping just after having such a dream.

Looking at Schoenefeld and knowing its history you can realize that times have changes tremendously and to the better.

Schoenefeld Airport is located in Brandenburg not far from the town with the similar name which is Schoenefeld meaning a beautiful field. The surrounding is beautiful there, we can also agree. It is around 18 km away from the center of Berlin. They say.

I personally think it is more as it always takes us long to reach Berlin Schoenefeld Airport and every time we meet relatives or friends we are late.

It is a good area for such activities as planes flying. That is why it was decided to construct the new modern Berlin Airport-BBI-Berlin Brandenburg International exactly at that area. A good connection with Berlin center will make things more comfortable and you will not notice long distances and other little things.

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On October 15, 1934 started the history of Schoenefeld when it was decided to build Henschel aircrafts plant. Knowing the Berlin history it is not complicated to suppose the purpose of that plant and its products.

In 1945 Soviet troops entered Berlin and occupied also the plant and its territory. The modern Berlin Schoenefeld Airport was built on the territory of the former military plant we can express it shortly.

Influence of Soviets on architecture of Schoenefeld can be immediately noticed if you had experience with airports in the former Soviet Union.

After reunification of Germany Schoenefeld became one of the three Berlin Airports.

Schoenefeld Airport has four terminals -A, B, C, D. It is easy to find your way in this airport. It is relatively uncomplicated. To be lost their is not possible in other words.

The main building is the old part of the airport where check-in for Terminals A and B are conducted. Terminal C was originally built for flights to Israel. Nowadays it is also busy after being renovated.

Terminal D was opened in December 2005 due to rapidly growing passenger quantity.

There many airlines cooperating with Berlin Schoenefeld Airport but the main are EasyJet, Condor and Germanwings, Aeroflot.

And now concentrate, please. Suppose you have arrived to Schoenefeld and now the main thing is to reach the target in Berlin as fast as possible. You have several opportunities but we will describe two: Berlin Taxi and Berlin Transport.

With taxi we do not see any problem.

But just in case read our page Berlin Taxi to know some peculiarities and price range you can face. Taking into account that Schoenefeld is relatively far from the city you should know preliminarily costs not to be surprised later.

If you will use a public transport, read our page Berlin Transport. In this page you can find instruction how to use a search window from BVG. It is very easy and helpful.

We also use it when moving around with public transport and do not know the place good enough.

You can walk to the Berlin Schoenefeld Flughafen railway station using the way we show on this picture below.

We covered the way very fast as we had to run after our daughter.

From the station you can you can move with S9 and S45. They run every 20 minutes.

The RE AirportExpress. It is a train line which runs every 30 minutes and stops only at train stations Ostbahnhof, Alexanderplatz, Friedrichstrasse, Central Railway Station Hauptbahnhof, Zoological garden.

Tickets for the SXF1 express bus cost 6 EUR (incl. onward journey by local transport to your destination in Berlin).

Buses leave from the central reservation in front of Terminal A every 20 minutes.

To have the best solutions for using public transport, please use the page we mentioned Berlin Transport and in particular the BVG window or check the site of BVG.

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Do not forget about Tax Refund.

We wish you a good luck and a nice journey to the capital of Germany Berlin.

For your better orientation we have prepared a Berlin Schoenefeld Airport Google Map.

Airport Schönefeld auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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