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Berlin Sightseeing is something pleasant to do. It is true. There are so many places to see but thanks to well organized Berlin Transport which we suggest to study and be ready to manage the right way. Berlin Transport is a page dedicated to our readers that they have better understanding of the Berlin Transport and when you do so, you will really enjoy your stay in the most attractive city.

And if you come not alone, you will save some great part of your nerves and deserve admiration of your loved ones as navy specialist and expert. And to impress them more you can also consider such an opportunity as Berlin Welcome Card which will help you to save some money.

Even if we always claim that Berlin is much cheaper than Paris or London. But one thing is also clear about this city-not so many things are free in here. Even the beloved by locals and informed tourists free entrance to museums after 6 pm on Thursdays is no longer possible.

It has been top secretly removed from official information sources.

The secret operation has been very successful. But the entrance is still free for children and some categories of citizens. About this aspect we will touch upon while talking about great and famous Berlin museums.

Well, after all of your knowledge and preparations you will not be that much exhausted as you would probably do in deserts of Egypt riding camel and approaching to Great Pyramid of Giza, which is kilometers away.

Here it is easier. May be you will not appreciate your easily reached goals, as you would probably do during extreme tourism riding a camel.

But if you love comfort, good planning and inexpensive alcoholic drinks, Berlin can be under your consideration. Sorry for lyrical digression.

Let's start our talk about  Berlin sightseeing. To have some preliminary ideas just look at slideshow we made for you.

Start your Berlin sightseeing with our slideshow

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If you think that photos are too good to be true- do not hurry with your conclusions- Berlin is a really good looking and you can also shoot great photos.

And even such famous objects as Berlin Wall can give birth to good Berlin Wall Photos .

Our Berlin Sightseeing pictures which we shoot especially for our readers when we walk around.

Here's some awesome pages for you to see:

The main thing to bear in mind is that the capital of Germany has two centers-Western and Eastern. When people hear about that they immediately imagine that Eastern center is ugly and full of communist touch and Western is glamorous and beautiful as everything from capitalist West.

In reality these two centers are both good looking and both have their unique soul. Just Eastern center is actually the historical center of the city as it was before the split of it into two parts.

And Western center appeared as a result of that split. It is impossible to live without center. Sooner or later it appears.

We will describe all tourist attractions and musts and may be do more-explain things about places which are not listed as possible targets for visitors but still worthy to pay attention to while being in Berlin.

Berlin Tourism opportunities are great and multiple. You can find famous museums and places where you can enjoy your stay in Berlin and have unforgettable impressions.

If you plan and enjoy sightseeing held by one very reliable guide-yourself, it is great. It is cheap or better to say free. The most beautiful word in the world is FREE.

It is great when you do not have to pay to anybody. The only one that will not accept this Free is BVG-Berlin Transport. And we do not recommend to walk around for your Berlin Sightseeing. Berlin is huge.

Freedom is also one of the greatest words ever. You can enjoy freedom of going the way and order you want. If you get lost and thanks to the God you will not be lost in Siberia, you will be lost in the capital of Germany. One beautiful moment you will finally find your way. May be you will spend considerable time and may be someone will start to complain about bad management and organization. In any case it is a great experience of path finding.

People visiting Berlin have experience that when you are lost, it is better to ask the way from the elderly people. They are friendly, curious and they always have time to explain things. One thing can be a problem that they usually do not often speak English.

But you can try. Young people are also usually friendly and speak English but they can send you in the opposite direction.

This is not always true of course, just we know it from other visitors. But the best is to use navy or a Berlin map. And such things you should better manage ahead of time.

But if you do not have time for freedom of losing your ways and finding them again and prefer organized sightseeing you can check this site of Our Partner GetYourGuide.

They have some good offers for people who enjoy reasonable prices and easy and checked ways. Sometimes it is better to be organized and hear interesting information and historical facts in your language to have the full and clear picture of Berlin.

It is great to have such alternatives. Some people have navy in their heads and they do not need guides and their information since they learn about things beforehand.

Check our site to find answers for your questions about Berlin. We keep adding more information and tips. If you like our site just like us on Facebook or subscribe for our Ezine or follow us on Twitter to know what we are busy with.

We hope that you will have a great time in the great city, when you come one beautiful day. And your Berlin Sightseeing will be the most unforgettable and pleasant ever.

Take care and be blessed wherever you are. We know that we have visitors from a lot of countries of our wonderful Globe.

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