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Berlin Street Map is your helping free source to find your way in Berlin. A good orientation is the half of the deal. It will save you money, time and nerves and probably become your trusting friend in this great but a very huge city.

Probably you remember one of our promises to be your good guide and reliable host. So, we continue to provide maps for convenience of our readers. Believe it or not working with maps and learning more about this previously unknown field we started to be fond of getting more and more of reliable and nice looking maps. And one aspect is also very important. They are free. Knowing that you will have a lot of other expenses, we believe that to pay for maps is not highly necessary unless you wish to have something special.

You probably already aware of the fact that the capital of Germany is occupying a considerable territory. And you should be prepared to conquer it as a tourist, visiting the places you want to see, but not that is easy to get around.

Always study the place you want to explore and learn how to be back to the hotel, especially when it will be dark and cold. Many people underestimate Berlin or overestimate themselves. But in general, adventures can also have place if you like them.

So, having Berlin street map is a good idea in any case. It does not matter if you print out the free one or buy a better and bigger one in Berlin or from the local book store where you live.

This Berlin street map is a different from Berlin Google Map but also looks good. Simplicity can be better sometimes. If you want to have special parts of Berlin Map , just go the Open Street Map website and find them for printing. Using Export button you can do a lot of useful things with this map. For instance, embed it into your site or blog.

Navigation control is easy
  • Use the up, down, left, and right controls to navigate around the map
  • Use the zoom slider to zoom in and out on a location.

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