In Berlin Striptease, Table Dance
And Erotic Are Allowed

In Berlin striptease, table dance and erotic are allowed and even deeply integrated into the social life of some individuals. Learn how... but anyway...

If you are enthusiastic about spending your evening in striptease or table dance club check out the following clubs: You can google a bit and see if it is the right thing for you. Just keep in mind that they start late and do not accept drunk people.

Be prepared especially if you have such an idea as to surprise your darling. It might happen that you will be surprised yourself.

Berlin striptease and table dance clubs:


Danziger Straße 138

10407 Berlin

Caesars Club Berlin-CP Club

Gürtelstr. 17

10247 Berlin

Pussy Cat Club

Tangermünder Str. 114 / Hellersdorfer Promenade 12

12627 Berlin


Trautenaustr. 23

10717 Berlin

Tabu Berlin

Rathenower Str. 38 / Ecke Quitzowstr.

10559 Berlin

Tutti Frutti

Yorkstraße 2

10965 Berlin

As you probably noticed- Berlin is a very interesting place. Even such thing with erotic... They have such a thing as Erotic trade fair. It is not a joke. It is a real event taking place in Berlin. You can also enjoy it if you plan to come to Berlin. Below you can find how the event is called.

VENUS B2B Professional

VENUS International Fair

Berlin Exhibition Ground

Under the Radio tower

Since 1997 VENUS Berlin has been an annual platform for presenting the latest trends and novelties from the worlds of adult entertainment and lifestyle.

It is the biggest international specialist trade show of its kind worldwide. VENUS is also considered to be the number-one international trade show for internet, multimedia and adult entertainment.

But if you like reality shows with erotic touch... Berlin is also something special. It is so in Berlin. And nobody knows why...

In summer when days are long and it is warm and sunny Berliners go to parks and lay in the sun with pleasure absolutely naked. Of course, some can be topless. And some dressed. You know Berliners are different.

You can enjoy their company also joining the party of naked Berliners. If it is too much for you, you can just pretend to be tired and lay not far from such ladies or gentlemen. Everbody is happy in his own way.

But do not observe them. It is against the rules. You can be punished. And do not behave as you are their friend. Who knows... may be they will not accept your frivolous manners.

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And if you still have interest in naked body beauty or some people here call it cultures, learn about East German special thing Frei Koerper Kultur or FKK.

There are special areas in Berlin around lakes let's say beaches where people enjoy so called FKK. Only naked people are allowed to be there.

If you think that someone can just come and watch others... it will not work. All people are equal- all naked. And if you can not avoid it-enjoy it. Or go to Berlin striptease clubs mentioned above.

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Berlin disco should also be under your consideration. Why? You should have a fun. Isn't it the main purpose? Do not worry about your age. In Berlin nobody cares about such unimportant things.

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