Berlin Taxi
Sometimes It Makes Sense
Even If You Hate Bourgeois Habits

Berlin Taxi is a well organized, safe and reliable service available for reasonable prices. Of course, if you are young, strong and have only one little bag with you and also have a lot of time, you probably would like to spend your money Berlin Nightlife experiences. But if you think you might need to use taxi in Berlin, here you can find some useful tips.

In reality Berlin Transport System is good enough that you can do pretty well without taxi. But sometimes it is necessary to use it. Especially when you have habits to oversleep and there is no difference for you still between Schoenefeld and Tegel... Then it is highly recommended to use taxi.

Taxi in Berlin you can catch at the places with a lot of people- stations, airports, big shopping malls and hotels. But normally you should call for taxi.

At some places in the streets of Berlin you can see special telephones which you can use to contact taxi. Usually not far from such places you can see taxi waiting for a call.

Normally taxis are not moving around looking for clients. That is why you will not see so many taxis in the streets of Berlin as probably in other cities of the world.

If you would like to call using your own telephone you can use one of the following numbers:

  • Taxi-Ruf Wuerfelfunk 0800-CABCALL AG:

    Tel (030) 21 01 01

  • Taxi Berlin TZB:

    (030) 20 20 20

  • TaxiFunk Berlin TZB GmmH:

    (030) 443322

  • Quality Taxi Vermittlung GmbH&Co Betriebs KG:

    (030) 26 30 00

Taxi drivers have a special license for Berlin and a general tariff applicable for all taxis in Berlin.

If you would like to negotiate the fare beforehand with the taxi driver you can use this opportunity but before entering taxi.

But if you just enter taxi and the counter was started you have just to pay according to the normal Berlin tariff which we mentioned on our page Berlin Transport System before. Taxis need a registration and they have to switch on a counter when you enter as we mentioned above. Prices are (per December 2010):

Basic price for entering is 3.20 EUR

0 to 7 km 1.65 EUR/km

From 7 km on 1.28 EUR/km.

You can pay cash in Euro or with your EC card or credit card.

Normally taxi drivers accept all usual credit cards but you should also ask if the diver has this option.

It might happen that the car is not equipped with the credit card machine.

Berlin taxi drivers are professionals having a special license for taxi rendering services. Only special number of taxi drivers are allowed to work in Berlin. We mean to say that to become a Berlin taxi driver is not that easy and it is very much regulated by authorities as majority of other activities.

To help you to feel more comfortable with Berlin taxi tariffs and amounts to be paid during your stay in the capital of Germany, we checked some of the sites offering taxi fare calculation.

One is in English and the other one is in in German. You can check both to be sure but the amounts they give are approximate. We checked them for our needs and they showed little difference of plus-minus 2-3 Euro. It also depends if you have a lot of luggage and a lot of people and how you pay- in cash or with a card.

We hope you will have a great time in Berlin regardless if you catch a taxi or any other transport means. The main thing is to be safe, have fun and return home with good memories.

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