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by Tim

Hi! Do Berlin taxis accept credit cards?

Hello! Greetings from Berlin! Yes, they do! But not all. Berlin taxis accept credit cards and some other types of cards. If you come into the city from Berlin Tegel Airport you will see a sea of taxis. The same will happen at the area of railway stations and other public transport objects.
You can ask a taxi driver if his or her car is equipped with a credit card machine. It is known that some of them do not have such a convenient equipment but usually they have. Just if you have one euro in your pocket and several credit cards you might be concerned about the payment.
Another thing is if you have ordered by phone a taxi and forgotten to mention that you need a car with the credit card machine, you can shortly get into trouble. But you can ask the driver before you enter that you have no cash. May be he or she can offer you a good solution who knows. But better to mention to the dispatcher that you would like to pay with a credit card.
If you have such an exact question it means you are on the way to Berlin. I wish you a good luck and a lot of good impressions and memories.
best regards,

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