Berlin Tegel Airport
Very Important Hexagon

Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) is your gate to the capital of Germany. Learn how to feel as a fish in a good aquarium.

It is important to arrive timely but most important is to depart without missing your plane. That is why we think it is better to know some basics about the Hexagon.

You will find out that the Airport has a hexagonal form and that makes this airport unusual comparing to other airports.

Berlin Tegel Airport is called after a famous German-Otto Lilienthal who was a German pioneer of civil aviation.

Berlin Tegel Airport has its own history which is also different from stories of other airports in other capitals of the world.

The main thing which we will touch upon is that in 19th century the territory of Tegel was a Jungfernheide forest where nobles of the Berlin high society were used to hunt.

Later on this territory was used for military and scientific purposes related to aviation and rocket launching.

And then after the war and after the split of Berlin into two parts- Western and Eastern, along with Tempelhof which remained in the Western sector, allied decided to build another airport to be able to transport goods and materials during the Berlin Blockade. It was in 1948.

With the time Tegel replaced Tempelhof, since the latter could not serve as main gate to the West Berlin as it did not have enough capacities and was not modern.

Berlin Tegel Airport became a modern Berlin international airport with all necessary infrastructure and facilities.

Nowadays Tegel is the main gate to Berlin working together with Berlin Schoenefeld airport.

Ok, now you know the story of Tegel in brief. It is time to talk about usual things for tourists: How to get in and around.

After your arrival to Tegel and finishing all procedures with documents and border control and laggage, you will feel free and will go to exit Tegel.

As you should already know how you are going to reach the place where you are going to stay in Berlin, you should self reliantly move to the place from where you are going to leave Tegel.

You have several options. You can go by public transport in this case by bus, by taxi (you can find a lot of them) or renting a Sixt car (you can see a lot of flags of this esteemed organization on the territory of Tegel and I can tell you they absolutely occupied parking areas).

With taxi we do not see any problem. But just in case read our page Berlin Taxi.

For your better orientation you should know that there are the following bus lines and you will surely use one of them (also note that Tegel is around 8 km distance from the center):

  • JetExpress TXL bus goes to Beusselstrasse S-Bahn station, Berlin Hauptbahnhof ( 20 minutes), Unter den Linden, and Alexanderplatz ( 40 minutes).
  • X9 express bus goes to Jakob-Kaiser Platz U-Bahn station ( 5 minutes), Jungfernheide S-Bahn and Regional Express station, and Zoologischer Garten U-Bahn/S-Bahn/Regional Express station ( 20 minutes).

  • 109 bus goes to Jakob-Kaiser Platz U-Bahn station, Charlottenburg S-Bahn and Regional Express station ( 20 minutes), and Zoologischer Garten U-Bahn/S-Bahn/Regional Express station ( 30 minutes).
  • 128 bus runs to Kurt-Schumacher-Platz U-Bahn station (within 10 minutes) and Osloer Strasse U-Bahn station (25 minutes).

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Tegel Airport is your gate to the capital of Germany. That is true. It is conveniently situated not far from the center.

Tegel has a lot of positive sides but the only thing is that due to the reason that only bus and automobile means move between Tegel and the city,

it is sometimes difficult, when there are problems with traffic. Or some roads on the way are repaired. Sometimes it happens. That is why it is better to start earlier when you are going to depart from Tegel.

As for the rest do not worry. Tegel is well organized and safe. Enjoy your trip to Berlin and behave good as you represent your nation abroad :)!!!

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