Berlin Tourism
General Overview And Tiny Secrets

In Berlin tourism has been gaining more and more importance not only in the economy but also in a social life during the last decades.

The capital Of Germany is very much engaged in this issue and Berliners realize the necessity of developing Berlin tourism.

Probably you will be surprised but it has been one step before being called a bankrupt capital of Germany. It has always been embarrassing and abusing for Berliners but what could they do. Wrong economic policy of the previous government played evil role in the life of Berlin.

Even the present governor of Berlin Mr. Wowereit invented such a slogan : Berlin ist arm aber sexy. Berlin is poor but sexy- this is the translation. Sexy or not we can confirm or neglect it depends on your understanding of the notion-sexy- but one thing is clear about this city- It is attractive as tourism center of Germany and Europe as well. May be you will find this great city romantic as we did. Here we can show you what inventions local people use to express their feelings.

Sometimes people hesitate- To do or not to do.... To be or not to be... To taste a cup of Berlin hospitality or not.

If you want to come to here but hesitate and it takes years... as you are the one who is used to hesitate. Stop hesitating and just do it. Come. If you hesitate for years to be a tourist in the most attractive city for one week or so... Do not hesitate just be it. Be a tourist. Believe it or not, it is interesting to be here. You will learn a lot here. Who knows maybe you will like it here and will keep coming. Or may be you will hate here- In any case it will not leave you indifferent.

“Berlin ist eine Reise wert.” – this is another slogan which majority of Germans know and they would confirm it. It means Berlin always deserves to be visited, you will always discover something new. What is interesting that Germans themselves like to visit the capital.

It is also different from other parts of Germany- For some German people it is like to be a tourist abroad, they also study Berlin tourism possibilities.

For instance, to be in some areas of Berlin is like visiting another country.

A lot of Turkish, Arabic, Russian and Polish and many other people like Kazakhs, who chose to live here, have changed the image of this great place. Contemporary Berlin is international. Here you can find representatives of different cultures. And you can see this multinational touch during the Parade of Cultures. Berlin is proud of it.

Foreigners living here do not forget their roots and it is welcomed by the society. On the other hand it is also welcomed that people speak German.

If you speak a bit German you can develop your skills during your stay here. Do not feel embarrassed to talk to people. Germans know that their language is very difficult. Many of them suffer themselves from their grammar and commit mistakes. And if someone tries to practice German they usually support them. But if you speak only English it is already good. Many people speak English and when they have an opportunity to talk a bit English they feel ok.

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Germans like figures and statistics. And those figures tell them that the capital is getting more and more attractive for tourists year by year. And that makes Berliners happy.

They feel happy that tourists want to see not only Berlin Wall but a lot of other things which generally are interesting for tourists. Berlin is a cultural, scientific, and political center of Germany now. After years it is again a real capital of a unified Germany where people live trying to understand one another even though they became different due to historic and political circumstances. So, modern Berlin is a mixture of West and East Berliners. Spice is added by other nationalities as Turkish, Russians or so called late settlers from the former Soviet Union and many others.

This is a tendency for big European cities. But what makes Berlin different from Paris and London is that Berlin has a moderate level of prices for accommodation and food.

Enjoy Berlin Photos

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So the three operas, dozens of theatres, cabarets, cinemas, night clubs, two zoos, one botanical garden, one botanical park, the “Gardens of the World”, the “ Museum Island” are also something special you should bear in mind when start planning your Berlin tourism journey. Berlin Nightlife offers a lot of possibilities to have fun and explore Berlin from this angle.

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Check other pages of our site to get a picture of Berlin Tourism. You can study beforehand Berlin Transport page if you plan to use public transport. Berlin transport is well known for its good features. The only thing is to know somethings beforehand and not to spend your valuable time for roaming purposeless in Berlin. Our site we dedicated to Berlin tourism as you already know. We will try to be helpful and find best offers and useful information for you.

Thinking if it makes sense to come to Berlin with kids or not? If your child is curious and loves animals Berlin is the right place for him or her.

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