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Berlin transport system is usually well managed and organized. To cope with it you need to know some basic information and rules.

There are four major Berlin transport means: subway (S-Bahn), underground (U-Bahn), busses and trams. They all are creating a closed network.

Additionally regional railway trains are passing Berlin and can be used for stops inside the network.

One of the big advantages is that tickets can be bought for the whole system and transfers are included. Please, pay attention to restrictions (no cycle or return trip).

The Berlin transport network is divided into 3 zones:

A – center within the subway cycle

B – parts of Berlin around the subway cycle

C – close neighboring districts around Berlin

  • A standard single ticket is 2.30 EUR and valid 2 hours in zones A and B.
  • A day ticket for the same zone is 6.30 EUR (as of June 2011).
  • Children till age younger than 6 years (pre-school) are free, from 6 to 14 years a reduced fare is charged.

Additionally to the day network there is a system of routes that are in operation at night (from about 0:30 till 5:30 AM) serving every 30 minutes. These routes are connecting the most important parts of the city with suburbs.

At all transport means every stop is to be shown and/or announced. In trams and busses there are buttons marked “stop” to inform the driver in advance about intended exit.

Or it is also good and helpful to have downloaded BVG map what you can do visiting the web site of BVG. It is described in every detail how to do it. You can also have mobile version of the BVG web site. It will make your life easier and you will enjoy being free and more independent.

Usually people can hardly help you if you like to ask passing by strangers. Not because they do not want to help a lost tourist but just because they do not know Berlin Transport sytem good enough.

Or sometimes it can happen that they send you to opposite direction. You can also use maps which are almost everywhere integrated in the bus or tram stops or subway stations.

Enjoy what you see? Here's some more interesting stuff about this great city:

So, Berlin transport system is in operation for 24 hours and considered to be one of the best in the world. If you have opportunity to use your laptop in Berlin, just enter the website of the Berlin transport organization called BVG as we already mentioned above. They also have an English version and plan your trip in Berlin ahead of time. There you will see all the possible connections suitable for you.

You can find below the widget of BVG which will show exactly how to plan your route.

Just fill in the form. We can help you with German-

Von can be translated as From.

Am means when , put the date you need.

Um- fill in the time.


Just the S-Bahn has had troubles during the last 2 years and is sometimes not in time or using short trains what causes a deficit of seats. That became a reason for jokes in Berlin. People lough about S-Bahn since if you can not avoid it, just enjoy it. The sale of tickets is made almost by automates. Only in transfer and big stations you can find a cashier desk.

Please, pay attention that tickets have to be validated before entering trains or within bus/tram. There is an exception: tickets you buy from automate in tram or from a bus driver are immediately valid (have a date/time stamp).

Bicycles can be taken with S-Bahn, U-Bahn, regional trains and trams if a place for it is marked. But buggies and wheelchairs have priority.

One little thing is to remember as well- when you enter a bus you should enter it from the driver's side showing your ticket (or you can buy your ticket immediately from him or her) and leave the bus from the other exit door.

Airport Berlin-Tegel is connected by several bus routes to the city. Berlin-Schoenefeld can be reached by S-Bahn and regional trains. A special Airport Express is operating from Schoenefeld Airport till S-Bahn Station.

You can use the widget from BVG which they offer for such sites as Berlin Germany Fanclub that we can show to our readers that it is very convenient to use such a query form which you can find below. All people in Berlin use it when they go to a new place. As a lot of places will be new for you. It will make sense to use it.

If you arrive to airports of Berlin- Tegel or Schoenefeld just think to buy a ticket for the period of your stay from the very beginning. If you plan to use always public transport. Using the form we offer you can easily manage your way to the place where you plan to stay in Berlin.

We should also mention Berlin Taxi as another part of Berlin transport. Taxis in Berlin look similar due to the light color which you can see on photos.

If you prefer to use taxi services it will not be a problem to catch one. There are a lot of them especially where it is expected to have dear tourists. It is better to have Euro in Berlin from the very beginning since to exchange currency is not so easy. You will have to look for an exchange office or a bank which are not everywhere easy to find. Taxi services you can pay with your card as well. They except usual cards such as Visa and similar.

Taxis need a registration and they have to switch on a counter when you enter.

Prices are (per December 2010):

  • Basic price for entering 3.20 EUR
  • 0 to 7 km 1.65 EUR/km
  • From 7 km on 1.28 EUR/km

Follow our other pages to learn more about Berlin Taxi and other peculiarities of Berlin transport. And be well prepared before coming here.

You should also note that in trams you can buy tickets from a special automate and this guy excepts only coins. Such things also good to know beforehand not to be surprised by Berlin transport peculiarities.

Also good to know that if you do not buy a ticket and special group of highly qualifies professionals will catch you- you will have to pay around 50 EUR penalty. If you do not pay they will call for police then it will be another story.

Sometimes those highly qualified professionals can be full of mercy and let you go as it happened with one girl. But usually they are hunters. They like numbers and may be special incentives.

So, as you can see the main thing here is to study the site of BVG. They even have online shop for tickets but it does not make sense to buy tickets, we believe. It will turn out to be too expensive because of the transport costs.

Enjoy Berlin Photos

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Below you can find something very interesting!!! Just read what is written there... Even if it is in German and you can not understand it that good yet... You can catch that it is all about LOVE. Love is in the Air of Berlin!!!

If you also liked someone so much that will not be able to think about something else... any more, use this way to express yourself. Who knows may be the person will read it and who knows...

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