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Berlin travel tips are something very important we want to share with you as insiders. When you start to plan your visit to Berlin, first thing is to
learn about this great city and to be aware what in reality you want to do here. Planning is a good thing especially for Berlin.

You know... Germans are very good in planning and performing plans. When you are here volense nolense-willingly or unwillingly you will have to follow some rules.

For instance, public transport. Learn how it works- we have a good page giving you a good idea how it operates and some tips how to move in Berlin
unless you plan to use taxi- or hire a car. Walking in Berlin is good but always it will also not work since Berlin is famous for its huge territories.

Another very important aspect is the weather. Be prepared for any weather and plan your visit accordingly. What will you do if it rains all the time?
Such things can happen. Learn more about Berlin weather. And try to have a relevant clothing for the weather type.

Generally you should note that winters can be cold and summers very warm. And it is also windy in Berlin. Keep it also in mind.
Leave your cashmere coat from Armani at home if you plan to walk and see Berlin in winter or autumn. Rain together with wind can be fatal for your coat and your health. In other words get well thought luggage including clothing.

Do Germans or precisely Berliners speak English? Yes, they do and sometimes very good but in general as English speaking people Germans also think that others should speak German and stubbornly do not learn any other language except German.

But the percentage of people who speak English is difficult to find out. If you communicate with people having contact to tourists you will not have any problem but if you want to explore deeper or have some special things to do, just keep your dictionary in case if needed.

Another also important thing to note-health insurance and any insurance needed for travelers. We will not hope so but it might happen that you need to visit a hospital or a doctor. They will want to see how you are insured. In case of emergency they do all what is necessary but not more if you are not insured. Having a good insurance in Germany is very important.

What kind of dangers and inconveniences might happen with people? Berlin nightlife is a very good experience one can have.
Note that transport works normally 24 hours but not in all districts and areas of Berlin equally. Keep in mind that not all districts of Berlin are the same safe. Having a good image as a safe place Berlin can still frighten people having not enough knowledge about the city.

Here's some awesome pages for you to see:

One girl loving to have fun at nights did not know some things about Berlin transport at night. She had experiences closer to negative, being lost in Berlin at night. But still being an Asian young woman she managed to cover so many places in Berlin even being alone very often. The brave girl being back to her native place will have a lot of memories.
Once she turned out to be alone in a tram thinking it would go forward but it did not. She had to hide under the chair for some hours until it started again. Do you think she stopped her nightlife rendezvous? Certainly not.

The most important things for travelers are health, safety, finance, and communication.

As for the health we already mentioned to have a good insurance. If you have just little problems which you can cure without the help of doctors just go to a drug store and ask if they can help you and offer a good appropriate medicine. Or such things as Paracetamol are the same all over the globe. Of course, it is better to have your own medicine which you usually use.
We hope you will not have any problems of that character. Just in case for your awareness we have to mention it since it is necessary.

Berlin is safe but still take care and try to avoid problems before they start.

Enjoy Berlin Photos

Slideshow with some slides hyperlinked and carrying a description, shown onmouseover

Having financial problems in Berlin is not a good thing as everywhere. That is why note that there are people who can try to trick on you begging for money or any other way. It is your decision if you want to participate in it or not.

But do not be surprised to have some things stolen. Especially in the center and places with a lot of tourists you can meet people interested to talk to you or directly asking to donate. Usually they behave friendly and do not attack people. Some sing songs and play musical instruments. In such a way they try to make money. Usually those people are foreigners coming from new EU member countries.

And in case you have problems you can use modern ways to get money from your supporter (Mom and Dad) using just passport data, for instance, Money gram
is successfully functioning in Berlin or any other comparable service. The main thing about those services that within hours you can get
your money without bank transfers and so on.
Also do not forget to manage your VAT tax return if you are not EU member country citizen. It is 19% from your purchase.
Oh, we have so many Berlin travel tips that it can take hours to convey all.

There are some people sometimes with dogs selling newspapers. They get provision from those news papers and if you want to support them and
news papers, it is your decision. Such people are usually local.

So our Berlin travel tips you can find also reading our other pages about the capital of Germany. The main thing is to take care and be aware of things special of Berlin.
For instance, if a woman is enjoying summer sun in a park laying topless it does not mean that anyone can approach and try to get acquainted. Vice versa, she does not want any communication.

Also typical of Berliners is that people should not approach too close to each other. In a drug store you can see people staying far from the counter and each other. And it dose not mean they just stay. They wait in the line this way.

There are a lot of peculiarities in Berlin which you as a tourist probably will not notice or will not need.
Learning and respecting cultures and peculiarities of other countries will open a lot of doors and possibilities for you. And to assist you to learn more we invite you to read our Berlin travel tips and add your own.

Berlin travel tips of other travelers can also be of a great interest fro our readers. Please, share yours if you have some special ones or not mentioned Berlin travel tips.

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