Berlin Wall Art-East Side Gallery

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Berlin Wall Art-East Side Gallery could be of interest:

  •  If you plan your visit to Berlin and would like to learn some basics about the Berlin Wall Art, it is the right e-booklet you need to start your exploration of Berlin.
  •  Berlin Wall is a very important part of the Berlin history. And that the Wall could be the reason to start the World War III makes it of importance to spend some time to learn more about it.
  •  Or due to some other reason you need concise information with good illustrations about the Berlin Wall Art it is also a good solution.
  • If you like a lot of pictures and a bit of text it is also a good opportunity to get acquainted in a brief way with the most famous Berlin Sightseeing.

If you would like to have more details and information on the history of the Wall, please consider our other free e-book Facts About The Berlin Wall.

After reading this book you will have some ideas how the Wall looks like these days.

It is not an ordinary Wall any other city could have but it is the Wall which transformed into an open air gallery which has got a name East Side Gallery. With the time the attitude to people who were aimed to destroy the Wall has changed. The words to describe their activity have also changed. It is not any more heroism, it is vandalism.

People want to keep this structure because it is considered to be great and unique. It became an integral part of the capital of Germany.

You will see even on some photos that crowds of people run there. Maybe you will also want to have your own experience to feel the Wall. And after reading our short booklet you will want to join the army of tourists who have plans to tour over there and feel the wind of change on your own face. May be you are already informed that Berlin is very windy. If not_ please, check our other pages dedicated to Berlin weather and other important things you may need to know before you come to Berlin.

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