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Berlin Wall Art appeared as a result of further development of Berlin Wall structure. In 1976 Berlin Wall looked different from what it was used to be previously.

East German Border Troops began to build a new type of Wall which was called "Border Wall 75".

It was already higher 3.60 meter (11.81 ft) made of concrete and painted white grey what all together looked inviting for the artists.

Actually, painting was not welcomed and was dangerous but some artists started to make paintings from the Western side. From the Eastern side it was absolutely not possible, since the Wall or Border Wall was guarded strictly and people did not approach to it.

Actually, the Wall became a perfect canvas for artists. Famous and unknown artists painted on the Wall.

The art on the Wall was not protected and everybody could paint there. After sometime painting disappeared and other ones appeared.

After Fall the Berlin Wall in 1989 the Eastern side of the Wall was also painted by artists.

Today only at some places you can see the traces of the former Wall in the Wall Park at Bernauer Strasse and they look as they were at the era of the Wall-grey and ugly.

And some painted parts also exist. The most famous one is East Side Gallery at Muehlenstrasse which became an open air gallery especially interesting for tourists but locals also look at them with interest especially young ones.

In 2009 paintings at the East Side Gallery were restored since the Wall looked not the best way by the 20th anniversary of Fall of the.

Spontaneous painting is prohibited on the Wall. The Berlin Wall became a part of history and should look the proper way as the Berlin authorities decided.

Berlin Wall Art is something that makes Berlin different from other capitals influencing the image of the city.

Below you can see photos of the East Side Gallery.

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