Facts About The Berlin Wall
is your guide to learn more about the history of the most attractive city

· If you plan your visit to Berlin and would like to learn some basics about the Berlin Wall, it is the right e-book you need to start your exploration of Berlin.

· Berlin Wall is a very important part of the Berlin history. And that the Wall could be the reason to start the World War III makes it of importance to spend some time to learn more about it

· Or due to some other reason you need concise information with good illustrations about the Berlin Wall it is also a good solution.

After reading this book you will learn what was the reason for constructing the Wall, who were involved and how was actually the fall of the Berlin Wall realized. You will also know better than others about the structure of the Wall.

It has also been mentioned about the contemporary situation around the Wall and its natural development into the Berlin Wall Art or East Side Gallery. East Side Gallery is an integral part of Berlin nowadays. Who could suppose that one day it will demand protection and care. And those who are working on destroying it are not heroes anymore but vandals. Times are changing… circumstances also.

The main purpose for writing this e-book was to highlight in a short, so to say concise manner the important and interesting theme about the Berlin Wall in a chronological way. And I also added some additional pictures and information.

The following content you can find in the

Facts About The Berlin Wall e-book:

  • About This Book
  • History Of The Berlin Wall
  • Structure Of The Berlin Wall
  • Berlin Wall Map
  • Facts About The Berlin Wall
  • Berlin Wall Victims
  • Fall Of The Berlin Wall
  • Berlin Wall Art As A Natural Consequence
  • Berlin Wall Art
  • East Side Gallery
  • Conclusion

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