Berlin Wall History
Short Glimpse After Years

Berlin Wall History had started long before an official construction dated August 13, 1961.

It was a secret operation executed by the East German People's Army, Kampfgruppen which was a type of the National Guard, organized in factories and enterprises and special divisions of police.

Really decisive was the backing by the Soviet Government in Moscow including the Group of Soviet Troops in Germany.

Without such a strong support by the Soviets East German Government would not oppose the international community since it was clear that such construction would not be approved by the Western Block. And that meant tension.

The beginning of Berlin Wall History

At the end of world war II Germany and Berlin were divided into 4 zones-US, British, French and Soviet one.

Since Berlin was fully surrounded by Soviet zone the 3 Western zones became an island in the Red sea. There was an overture called Berlin Blockade when Soviet Army interrupted the transport ways from the Trizone to the Western zones of Berlin. It was a reaction after Western zones of Berlin where included into currency change to „Deutsche Mark“. We all know about operation Airlift that was the successful reply of Western Allied. About Berlin Airlift we will mention in our future posts.

The fifties

The „Island“ Berlin zone played always its role during that period of contest of the systems.

If you look at the Map of Berlin of that time you can see that West Berlin looked really as an island surrounded by German Democratic Republic or GDR.

Next to the big role in the negotiations between superpowers the USA and the USSR it had its important part in the little contest between the two German states. A lot of people used the open window to run away from the East and to find a new future in the West. And there was a lot of smuggling. Finally it was clear the the Eastern state will not be able to stand that situation really long.

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The early sixties

In 1961 situation became full of tension. All knew that something will change but what and when will it happen?

East German leader Walter Ulbricht said a few weeks before the action: „Nobody has intentions to construct a wall“. Yes, nobody could really imagine that the separation of a whole city like Berlin would be possible. That Soviet and East German government did not see another chance than to construct Berlin wall and that was a kind of statement of bankruptcy. That we could see from the Berlin Wall history which really proved that Berlin Wall could stand just from some period of time which we all know 1961-1989.

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