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Looking at the Berlin Wall Map can help you to realize better how it was like to live with Berlin Wall. And how good it is now to live without that ugly construction.

You can see also looking at the map of the Berlin Wall that West Berlin was like an island in Berlin and in GDR.

Berlin Wall appeared as manifestation of bankruptcy by GDR government.

That act was supported by the Soviet Union. Without such a support of the Super power of that time GDR government would not dare to face the international reaction which would be absolutely negative.

Well, GDR citizens kept escaping to more wealthy West Berlin and further to West Germany. That was the main reason for Berlin Wall construction.

East Germany would not be able to overcome such growing stream of East Germans who wanted to leave the country. It would be a political and economic disaster for East Germany.

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Google Map of the Berlin Wall is very helpful. Here we tried to show Map of the Berlin Wall in other way using modern technologies and to make it not so boring to travel a bit around Berlin Wall and look at some Berlin Wall pictures which are integrated into the Berlin Wall Google Map. Berlin Wall was a period in German history which played a dramatic role in the past of Germany and still it is telling on people.

After unification of West and East Germanys the Berlin Wall torn down in some areas of Berlin completely just a stripe on the street can tell you something but only if you will notice this stripe. But still as a memory it is kept as it was used to be in some areas of Berlin.

You can see the Berlin Wall photos visiting our other related pages links to which we offer below. The World famous Berlin wall Gallery or East Side Gallery as it was later called is attracting tourist from all over Germany and the World.

Berlin Wall pictures you can also find in our site which we have been shooting especially for our readers.

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Isn't it interesting to learn how West Germans lived in such an island?

West Berliners remember that time as not only terrible and dangerous, ready to explode any time. Actually that was also a time when life was more quiet. Economic situation was stable and people had a good income and support from the government.

There was not such a terrible competition for a place under the sun as now due to high unemployment rate.

Difficult to believe it but it was safe in West Berlin as they were strongly guarded by GDR border patrol- no one could enter from East Berlin without permission.

And West Berliners could visit East Berlin when needed. They liked to go for East Berlin sightseeing and shopping as their currency-German Mark was very much welcomed by the neighbors.

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