Berlin Wall Photos
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Berlin wall photos can prove that you have been lucky to travel to Berlin. Nowhere else you can shoot such photos with such a special background.

The East Side Gallery looks its best now after celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall fall, Reunification of the West and East Germanys which was celebrated in Berlin on the October 3, 2010.

Fall of Berlin wall was on 9th November, 1989.

Berlin Wall or to be more precise the East Side Gallery looked not that good after 20 years of exposure to the Berlin wind, rain and sun. Just before the celebration of 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall fall it was restored and now it looks great.

So, if you are eager to take great pictures hurry and do not hesitate too long otherwise the Wall can get not so attractive as it is now.

The contemporary parts of the Berlin wall look different compared to what they did in the past.

Now the Wall has disappeared from some very important for the traffic and Berlin transport areas. At some points you can see some preserved for the history fragments of the Berlin wall. Many tourists were happy to take home not only Berlin wall photos but also pieces of the Wall.

The reason why people were so crazy to break pieces of the Wall and take home can be understood. After years being already old and full of memories, they can a bit exaggerate and tell their grandchildren how brave they were and those old times when people could be so fearless and just break piece by piece the Berlin wall and in the result Berlin wall comes down.

And they also could contribute that Berlin wall finally fell.

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So, we want to present Berlin wall pictures showing as it looks now. Beautifully painted part of the Berlin wall is called East Side Gallery and the other ugly and gloomy and depressive looking parts are the Berlin wall as it looked at the time of the East Berlin and the West Berlin.

At the time of the two struggling systems-Socialism and Capitalism, at the time when family members could not see each other for ages because it was not allowed and some risked their lives to escape. At the times when tanks were standing in front of each other ready to start the World War III.

We should be glad that those times are over and evidence of the past and the present are the pictures you can see.

The picture above is may be the most famous and probably recognizable. It is called God, help me to survive this deadly kiss.

Actually the painting was copied from a picture of the meeting of leaders of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev and GDR leader Erich Honecker.

They say, that the story behind that famous painting is not as many people imagine after looking at the shocking painting of leaders kissing like participants of the Berlin special event called Christopher Street Day Parade.

Actually, it was a bit dull as it was usually. Brezhnev and Honecker, just as it happens sometimes with all of us, could not follow the procedure the right way and instead of having friendly hugs could manage that famous Brezhnevs-Honecker kiss. Awkward confused movements can have such results which people from all over the globe enjoy nowadays.

The funny thing is that many people confused Leonid Brezhnev and Mikhail Gorbachev. After years it seems to be of no importance. But in this case it should be noted that Brezhnev was used to kisses with other leaders and Gorbachev preferred other ways to express his good attitude.

We placed the Berlin Wall photos in the irregular order. Please, do not think that these Berlin Wall photos can fully convey the spirit of this exhibition. You can just get an idea how it looks now.

You can enjoy looking at Berlin Wall photos and probably you have some other photos of the Berlin Wall and willing to show them here at our site.

Please, do not hesitate to upload your photos (up to four) and write a short story about the photos.

Enjoy Berlin Photos

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