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Berlin Wall is a very important part of Berlin history. Even if you do not like history, visiting the capital of Germany presupposes that you should be able to talk about the Wall and even write about it, as modern life is keeping us busy to write about our impressions and trips everywhere and to everyone. And that Wall could have been the reason to start the World War III makes it of more importance to spend some time to learn more about it.

From time to time we emphasize that we are not a scientific site specialized in such serious spheres as history, politics and so on.

Just being a good guide presupposes that your guests should learn the major things about the main topic. And our main topic is the great city -capital of Germany and we would like to be your good guide.

We feel sometimes surprised that people look for information on our Berlin Wall art page about, for instance, Brezhnev and Gorbachev kissing.

Of course, some people might say - who cares if that were Brezhnev and Gorbachev or not. On one hand, it is true... who cares after so many years who were those people being painted on the Wall?

On the other hand, there are many people who are surely will not want to be in a shameful situation stating that...stuff about Brezhnev and Gorbachev.

After many years only some really seeking for truth people will care about those guys depicted kissing on the Wall. And we can share with you the secret-those were in reality Brezhnev and Honecker. And the fact why it happened and how that famous picture was made and how it happened to be on the Wall and many other issues you might learn from such little sites like ours. The thing is that for Berliners it is important to know such things. On the other hand again, local kids can also be confused with such disgusting views and they can say such things as one 9 years old girl said: It is unbelievable that such pictures they can put on the Wall- the Mayor kissing another guy... May be she thought it was another Mayor...

So, the Wall is an important theme every more or less good guide should mention showing Berlin.

Modern history of the city can not be imagined without that famous Wall. Also because some parts of it became a must all tourists coming here are advised to visit-East Side Gallery is an example of that.

We have to explain some historical facts related to the city and the Wall. After visiting our site, and we hope after your further visit to the capital of Germany, you should know some basic things about the Wall.

If you need some deeper and more scientific approach, just check other websites dedicated exactly to the theme- Our aim is to give a preliminary understanding about the main facts of Berlin and that our readers will feel like fish in deep waters of Berlin facts.

If you want to dig deeper, please do it, and let us know- may be we missed something interesting and important. On the other hand, we explain the most easy to understand way and illustrate with our own pictures (unless some with the allowance of the owner) the things about Berlin.

We have separated pages which you can visit for some special information and themes. They are shown as links which you can easily follow just clicking the links.

So, let's get back to the main theme.

From the history of the Berlin Wall you have learnt some and Facts about the Berlin Wall:

August 13, 1961 is officially the date of the Wall construction.

East German People's Army, as well as so called "Kampfgruppen", which was a type of the National Guard, organized in factories and enterprises and special divisions of police, were in charge of the secret operation and fulfillment of the order to start existence of the Wall.

That was the way Berlin Wall history began.

How was Berlin Wall built and the circumstances of the construction were closely connected with the world politics and New history of the world.

We can only mention that in reality such construction of the Wall

could happen only after support and approval of the Soviets who had control over GDR.

Only with the support of the Soviet government East Germans could decide to build the Wall and face disapproval of the West.

So, the political support of the Soviet Union played the decisive role in that object construction and further existence for many years until 1989.

Check out the useful information on these pages:

The history of the Berlin Wall had begun from the end of the World War II when Germany and the city were divided into 4 zones-US, British, French and Soviet one. Since Berlin was fully surrounded by Soviet zone the 3 Western zones became an island in the Red sea. Looking at the Berlin Wall map you can see that the Western part was really like an island on a red see called GDR.

There was a period in history of the city called Berlin blockade when Soviet Army interrupted the transport ways from the Trizone to the Western zones of Berlin. And it became also an important factor for the Wall issue development.

On 9 November 1989 the East German government announced that all GDR citizens could visit the West Germany and West Berlin. Such step of GDR government could also take place due to special events on the world political arena. The main reason of that was the Perestroika held by Mikhail Gorgachev in the Soviet Union.

Gorbachev played a special role in German reunification finalized on 3 October 1990 and prior to the fall of the Wall.

Contemporary Germans still remember gratefully and emphasize the positive role of the former Soviet leader. And it also should be noted that Gorbachev had got the power and became a leader of the Soviet Union after Brezhnev the previous leader of the Soviet Union. We have mentioned it with regard to the above mentioned famous picture on the Berlin Wall.

History of the Berlin Wall is of interest and high importance to tourists visiting our attractive city and their hardworking guides, because exploring this great city without learning its history is like eating without salt and pepper-possible but something will be missing.

Fall of the Berlin Wall was the most awaited and looked forward by the majority of people in both East and West Germany, but, as usually, it happened unexpectedly.

The day in November in 1989 became one of the very important days in the history the last century. Actually, last century was rich for historic and epochal events but the fall of the Wall was expected to be symbolic and promising to be the beginning of the great changes in the world to the better.

Finally the Wall fell and now people realize that it was a good thing not only for Germans from a long perspective but for the whole world in general. If you would like to see the Berlin Wall photos just click on this link.

GDR authorities gave order to construct the Wall against its own population who permanently escaped to the West Germany. They could not manage to establish such a reality and life in GDR that people would stop to escape and vise versa West Germans would escape to the East Berlin. The result we all know the Wall fell. It was like a power of competition-one will always lose.

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