Berlin Weather
Can Be Surprisingly Different

So, Berlin weather can be very cold in winters with temperatures often dipping below zero.Frost and snow can also happen as it happened in 2010 and 2011. But rain and wind and temperatures just a bit above zero are more common for Berlin weather in winter time. As well as cold dry days when you can enjoy walking around Christmas market shops and drink hot wine which Germans call Gluewein and eat delicious grilled sausages in Germany called Wuerstchen.

If you do not mind we will from time to time teach you some German. Who knows may be you will start to like German and want to study it in Berlin... About this subject we will talk in our pages devoted to studying in Berlin.

In 2011 as well as in 2010 winters were so terribly cold that people in Berlin and in whole Germany started to be suspicious that Siberia was expanding towards Germany. As majority of locals keep their cars in the streets, they were so much unhappy you can not imagine.

Because may be you do not know but there is a popular song saying that German men love German cars much more than German women. Can you imagine the size and impact of this disaster?

Ok, we will tell what happened at the end. Winter was over. Berlin S-Bahn started to work better. All locals laugh about Metro or in German S-Bahn- Unexpectedly winter has come. And no solution for poor S-Bahn all have to wait when it will be warmer. And then as spring comes, and be sure it always comes to great city, men start to be more interested in women and atmosphere changes- all start to look better, eyes full of happiness and expectations of a wonderful time. Really, spring is beautiful in Berlin. A lot of trees are in blossom, nature manifests its sympathy to human beings. Harmony can be felt in the Berlin air.

We love this time. The best time in Berlin we believe is from middle of spring until mid of the Fall. And then thanks to the best events of the year the rest of the time is easier to overcome.

We mean the dark time from middle of the Fall until winter is over. Christmas time makes Berlin especially attractive not only for tourists but for Berliners also. Christmas is one of the most loved events in Germany. Even atheistic East loves it without going into religious aspect. It is the best time for families. In spring you can feel the real abudance of all when the Berlin weather is good. If you do not find it good you can spend your valuable time indoors enjoying such tourist attractions in Berlin as concerts, theater, museums and shopping.

This beautiful city has a lot to offer. If it is raining cats and dogs why should you go to stare at the Berlin Wall? Go shopping, or eating out in a restaurant. And then when the Berlin weather is again nice, try to cover some of the Berlin sightseeings which we mentioned in our relevant pages which you can easily find looking at our navigation on the left side. Or reading the table of content on the Home Page.

In summer temperatures can get up to thirty degrees. Due to high humidity it is very hot and tourists as well as locals start to look for cool places which are easy to find in Berlin.

A lot of lakes, parks and forests and other places depending on your preferences are in your disposal. However, keep in mind that in summer it also rains in Berlin. Berlin weather is rather predictable. It is raining here. Summer is the best time if you love a bit of sun and a bit of rains. You can also note that in summer time Berlin school children have six weeks holidays in July and August.

Usually families with children like to look for adventures outside of Berlin at that time. So, if you come here during such holidays you might be surprised and wondering- where little Berliners are. Do not worry. They will come back from their holidays.It is a human nature to explore something else. Most likely they were busy to explore London with parents, or most likely some other sunny areas of the world.

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What can we also mention while explaining things about Berlin weather is when you are preparing to come here, just check out weather forecast.

Take your favorite umbrella since rain falls in Berlin all year around. Also note that due to high humidity winters are cold when it is even a bit below zero and windy. Be dressed accordingly. In summer when it is above 30 degrees it very hot and unpleasant for people with heart diseases and high blood pressure. But never mind. Let us not be too critical. Nobody is perfect. No capital is perfect. Of course, it is sometimes raining in Berlin. But the weather in Berlin can surprise you. It might happen that you can go back home without using your umbrella. Berlin air is not absolutely clean but you can be surprised that in such a big city air is so good.

The reason for such an air is simple- Berlin is green and authorities watch carefully all in regard of air pollution. Very strict regulations help to keep Berlin air clean.

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