Berlin Zoo
A Wonderful Place For Your Kids
To Have A Great Time In Berlin

Berlin Zoo and Tierpark and other wonderful places for kids are waiting for guests.

So, leave your doubts and visit Berlin with your kids to have unforgettable time touring the city and having fun all together.

And we will just explain some little things about places for kids in Berlin such as local zoological garden that you can enjoy your stay in in the capital of Germany and pay attention to some peculiarities of this city.

Berlin is famous for being friendly to kids. Children feel very good here. They can enjoy outdoor and indoor entertainment in Berlin.

If you come here with children you will have a feeling that Berlin is designed for children and their fun. There are so many places where they can play, jump and maybe find new friends for a couple of hours or maybe longer. A very important issue for kids when traveling is the weather. About Berlin weather we have a special page- Berlin Weather . In general, weather conditions in Berlin are good for kids as it is normally quite comfortable. In summer not so often we have very hot days. But when there are such days it is better to stay in shadows or wait until the weather will be better.

When it is too hot animals in the zoological gardens-Zoo and Tierpark are not active and feeling very sleepy. Having such an experience we decided to reschedule our trips to those places as it was not enjoyable to watch unhappy animals.

For kids and their parents it is not so comfortable as well to walk around when even monkeys do not have interest to look at crying visitor.

And eating ice cream will also not be a fun as wasps will fly from every corner of Berlin and follow you to catch some pieces of your ice cream.

Just in case you are in the dark of West Berlin and East Berlin Issue. Or we beg your pardon...

May be you already know that due to separation of Berlin into two parts Western and Eastern there are two zoological gardens in the city. It means you can visit two Zoos- one is called Zoo and it is in the Western part and the other one is in the Eastern part and it is called Tierpark. Zoo was the first one. Berlin Zoo is more little and compact comparing to Tierpark and situates in more central part of West Berlin. Usually it is full of people and takes less time to enjoy its beauties than Tierpark. If you plan to go also to Aquarium start earlier otherwise you will enter Aquarium late and will not have enough time to see all. Aquarium will also cost you extra money.

Even if people say that the Zoo is not that huge, we still think it is better to start earlier since it still takes time and you can not manage to see all.

And you should also know that Berlin Zoo works until 19 o'clock (or 7 PM). But for those spoilt and lazy animals the working time is cut until 18 o'clock and if they think that they want to go to sleep earlier, they will not care that such VIPs as you and your kids appeared later and they will probably ignore you. That happened to us once when pigs totally ignored us and even snored especially loud to show that they do not care. Ok, we also pretended that we did not care. But the fact that they snored so laud we still remember.

But if you manage to come on the right time and the weather is good you can see the best of the Zoo.

This summer we also paid a visit to the Zoo and enjoyed great performances of such representative of local creative fauna as seal. This guy was in a very good mood and his aim of the day was to make all around happy. He was performing and people were watching it. We enjoyed all what he sang. A singing seal was a great thing.

We always enjoy watching penguins. They always look onto one point on the wall and seem to be very busy.

Our daughter said in a very knowledgeable way that they were meditating. It is interesting that every time we see them within 9 years they always do the same. You can also see on the picture below.

Kids love to observe panda bear.

In Zoo you can also meet a lot of elderly people and just couples holding hands and many other people not just parents running with their kids. You can have your own experiences with local restaurants and take always. In Berlin Zoo you can see more places where you can buy something to eat comparing to Berlin Tierpark. At the entrance you can hire a little car for your kids. Usually they enjoy to ride them.

Some facts about Berlin Zoo:

History: Berlin Zoo was founded in 1844. Alexander von Humboldt and Martin Lichtenstein were the famous scientists of that time and they initiated the idea to have a great place for Berliners to learn about fauna.

Zoo is the first zoological garden in Germany of such type.

When you are in the Zoo pay attention to a special architecture of buildings for animals especially Giraffe, Elephants, Hippopotamus.

Of course, each house for animals was constructed in a special way and has different design. You can see that on the pictures we could shoot especially for this purposes.

Visit some of our more popular pages:

There are two main entrances in Zoo – the Lion Gate on Hardenbergplatz and the Elephant Gate next to the Aquarium on Olof Palme Platz.

They are really beautiful. The Elephant Gate is very recognizable. You can see it at many Berlin tourism guides. The Lion Gate is not so famous.

Numbers: There are around 13700 animals and 1400 species in the Zoo.

Interesting: Berliners love the Zoo and know how animals are doing. They have their favorites. One of the most famous animals was Knut-polar bear. He was loved by all kids of Berlin. They knew his life story from the very birth and on as he lived and was in love with other female polar bear. But unfortunately, he died last year and all Berliners were sad about it.

Until now there is no such star as Knut. They all are similar nice and loved by audience but such level of interest and admiration from kids and adult Berliners in general no one could reach.

Open: every day from 9 until 19 (in winter time until 17)

Prices: For adults 13EUR, for kids 6,5EUR Prices and other details you can learn from Berlin Zoo Homepage you can also buy tickets online if you hate to wait in the line.

To be true waiting in the line was not so terrible this time.

You can also learn how to reach Berlin Zoo with public transport reading our page about Berlin Transport.

Just use the form of BVG which we embedded in the page and plan your trip.

We prefer to use public transport when going to Berlin Zoo. The reason is simple-parking is very difficult to find and if you find... it is very expensive.

If needed it is possible to arrange a guided tour of the Berlin Zoo. For this you should also check Berlin Zoo website.

Berlin Tierpark has more territory. Actually it is placed in a very beautiful area and looks like a real park. It is structured differently, since at the time it was designed the main thing for both Germanys was to prove to the world who the best is. Let's say it was a time of a strong competition.

That's why Tierpark was designed to be bigger, to have more animals. But now Tierpark is rather far and it makes it less attractive for tourists.

If you have time to spend one day with your children in Tierpark do it. You will enjoy it. Take some food with you and make a real picnic. About Tierpark and other places interesting for kids you can find links below and learn more details.

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