Brandenburg gate stats

by Rita

Is it possible to find out on average how many people visit the Brandenburg gate a year?

Hi Rita,
I tried to find out the exact numbers but I think it is hardly possible. Even if Germans like to count and have order in everything, it will be not that easy. How can it be possible? They do not have counters there and do not sell tickets to visitors of the Brandenburg Gate. May be there is secret source but I could not get it. But I found out the statistics of tourism growth in Berlin and Brandenburg. There is a special statistics authority in Berlin and they publish a lot of interesting information. But in German... Below you can find statistics of total visitors to Berlin by years.

2010- 9.051.430 visitors
2011- 9.866.088 visitors
2012- 10.848.797 visitors
2013- 11.324.900 visitors

So, let’s suppose that each visitor will come to one of the main attractions in Berlin at least once. And you should also take into account that each New Year’s celebration is held at the Brandenburg Gate and more than one million people come to see the great show they perform. Locals also like to visit the beautiful place with the attractive sightseeing called the Brandenburg Gate but not all.
As of 2013 the population of Berlin is approximately 3,5 millions of inhabitants.

Of course, this number is very approximate but at least you can have some ideas.

I hope it will help you and if you have something interesting to add about the Brandenburg gate, please, come back and let us know what you have found out.
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best regards,

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