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Capital of Germany attracts more and more people from all over the globe.

And find out also why tourists like the capital of Germany. The Berlin-Germany-Fanclub is dedicated to different aspects of the city. It is full of information about the most important historic and modern Berlin.

Hereby we apply statistic approach and some comments to figures which are referred to. We just wanted to keep you interested and find out some interesting facts about the most attractive city.

We should mention that German statistics website describing our city in a very professional way could be of interest to you.

Figures without some explanations of insiders could become boring even for such figure oriented and scientific humans as our readers... probably could be...

Some Facts of the capital of Germany:

  • Geographical location

Berlin Town Hall- North Latitude: 52° 31` 12``

East Longitude: 13° 24` 36``

  • Local time

6 minutes and 22 seconds behind Central European Time (CET)

  • Length of city border 234 km

Greatest expanse (east-west) 45 km

Greatest expanse (north-south) 38 km.

Taking into account traffic in the city and the size, some drivers prefer to drive from some points of the city to another going outside of Berlin, to the Berlin ring-Berlin highway. And that makes things faster.

  • Area 892 km²

Business/industry 0.7 %

Recreational areas 11.4 %

Transportation 15.3%

Agriculture 4.7 %

Woodland 18.1 %

Water 6.7 %

Other areas 1.9%

From the point of the territory Berlin is huge. Sometimes people think that they already left Berlin but they just entered a forest which can be still in the city, dividing one district from the other.

There are many lakes and rivers in the city which make the capital of Germany more attractive and beautiful. It is not only green as you can see from the data of "woodland 18.1%" but also rich with water resources.

In the city you can find foxes, hares, raccoons, hedgehogs and many other pleasant wild Berliners living in forests but from time to time visiting other Berliners living in dwellings. It looks like they feel good in Berlin otherwise what they would look for...

You can also see that industry plays not that great role in Berlin. Even if some factories and plants still continue to produce working places for Berliners.

A lot of parks with perfectly cared flora you can find in every district of the capital of Germany. Very beautiful decorative plants you can find in Berlin as well.

  • Total population in the capital of Germany 3,416,255 06/2008 or 3,442,675 in 2009

Male population 1,745,706 06/2008

Female population 1,670,549 06/2008

Foreign nationals 477,000=14,1% 06/2008

Naturalizations 7,710 12/2007

Average monthly income 1,475 Euros 07/2008

Marriages 11, 511 12/2007

Births 31,174 12/2007

Unemployment 262,042= 15,5% 06/2008

You can see that population in Berlin is not that great as in China, for instance, or some other great capitals of the world as Moscow, or even London but surprisingly Berlin is within the first lines of mostly populated capitals of Europe after London.

It should also be emphasized that Berlin continues to grow as many young and not very young Germans from other ares of Germany come to work in Berlin as well as foreign part of the population also continues to grow.

You can see that male population is a bit exceeding female population but you should not be envious thinking that every Berlin woman can have male partner and have a good family with kids and dogs and other pets.

In reality many Berliners are single, too many to think that it is ok.

Stressful life with a lot of competition probably eats the energy of Berliners that they finally do not have enough of it to spend to other energy consuming relationships.

In other words they are not afraid to be alone in the time of being old and helpless.

Slideshow with some slides hyperlinked and carrying a description, shown onmouseover

May be it is thanks to a very strongly developed old people care system. On the other hand they still marry but not all make a great event of the marriage. The tendency is that they marry the same quiet as they divorce.

Divorce is very expensive and long lasting in Germany. May be that is the reason why people do not want outstanding celebrations. And some do want to marry at all.

Unemployment rate is too high still. As you see 15,5%. It is fluctuating but the general trend is that it is still high and one of the highest in Germany.

Unemployed population of Berlin can have social assistance as any German citizen which majority accepts. It covers all expenses normal people can have for a decent life but not more. There are many people who can live years with such social assistance.

The gap between the poorest and rich Berliners is not that visible as in some other countries but it exists and all know about it.

  • Public road network 5,361 km 12/2007

Total length of subway, suburban rail, streetcar, and bus lines 2,368. km 12/2007

Trips taken on subway, suburban rail, streetcar, and bus lines 1,397.5 Mio. 12/2007

Public transport is very good developed and is the reason to be proud for Berliners. They can be very pleased to compare it with other capitals.

Read more about it on our special page dedicated to Berlin transport.

  • Registered motor vehicles 1 421 687 12/2007

You can see that even having a great public transport, Berliners still like to have a car or a bike and even both.

It is normal that families can have more than one vehicle. And you will be also surprised to see a lot of bicycles in the city. It is very much loved transport means. You can see that there are special roads for bicycles around the city. And old people along with very little ones ride their bicycles regardless unfavorable weather conditions which sometimes happen.

Check out the useful information on these pages about the capital of Germany:

  • Trees along roads 424, 590 12/2007

As we already mentioned Berlin is a green city. And having a lot of trees everywhere including along roads is also a part of local specialty.

  • Dogs 108,509 12/2008

Dogs you can see everywhere in Berlin. It is a place where you can find a lot of really happy dogs. Why are they happy? The reason is very simple-they are loved and cared about.

You will not find here any homeless dog or cat. If they disappear, it is easier nowadays to find them again due to a special chip they have in their bodies. Some people prefer to have a pet, mainly dogs as the only close friend or family member.

The only problem with the dogs is that not every loving master is ready to care about excrements of their beloved dogs. That is why Berlin is not the most clean city- you can find a lot excrements of dogs in the city. May be guests can be shocked but Berliners got used. The capital of Germany is very much surprising sometimes.

  • Garden plots 75, 276 12/2007

Community gardens or garden colonies. Or Klein Garten. It is a very special thing of Berlin . Such Garden plots you can find everywhere inside and outside the city.

You will be surprised to see that Germans love to care about their garden plots and make really beautiful corners where they can relax after stressful weeks and days.

In some of such plots it is allowed to stay overnight and have some freedom with doing things on the plot.

But majority of plots which are called Klein Garten are very much regulated and having a lot of things, which one could think are natural are not allowed- for instance, to stay overnight in your little lovely house or to have plants which you want and to have green fence cut the way you want it.

  • Playgrounds 1, 824 12/2007

Playgrounds you can see almost everywhere in the capital of Germany. Children can play and have great time not only close to the home but also in public areas and parks.

  • Hospitals 71 12/2007

Berlin is famous for having very good hospitals and generally good medicine. But of course, there is no paradise even here. Many people from all over the globe believe that Berlin is very good for health sphere and entrust their most treasure-health and life coming for treatments or surgeries. One of the most famous hospitals is Charite.

Doctors 6, 961 12/2007 This amount is not that high for the population ranging to three and almost a half million people. It means that visiting a doctor is not an easy thing. All should be done with preliminary appointments with doctors office.

Dentists 3,162 12/2007 With dentists is the same story. Too less and to find the right one suitable for you and even your family members is not that easy. But when you find you can feel happy as this relationship might last years.

  • Visitors 7,585,000 12/2007 8.26 million in 2009 The capital of Germany is getting more and more visitors and it is very nice for this great city. People find Berlin very attractive as a tourism center with a lot of opportunities to have a great time in the most attractive city. Overnight stays 17,285,800 12/2007
  • Theaters 51 12/2007 Theater performances 9, 912 07/2008 There are around 51 theaters in the capital of Germany. Some of them are world famous and great, some a very little and also interesting to visit and have your own experience. Which will be the best for you, you can find out only after visiting them.
  • Museums 170 12/2008 Berlin is proud to have 170 museums. Amongst them you can see very famous and great ones as for instance Pergamon and some very tiny but thematic as for instance a Museum of Sugar or Bread.
  • Movie theaters 285 12/2007 Being a center of International Film Festival Berlinale presupposes that the capital of Germany should also have good movie theaters. Some of them are greater, some more little from the size being situated in more quiet areas of Berlin.
  • Sports clubs 1, 763 12/2007 Berliners love sports and having some sport clubs is natural for them. Such clubs can be free or should be paid for but usually prices are affordable. And if someone wants to be busy with sports, he or she will always find a great opportunity to develop talents or just have fun.
  • Courts 19 12/2007 Being a civilized European country presupposes to have a strong legal basis which ordinary people and legal entities use to resolve their problems at the courts. Do Berliners like to go to courts? Actually only if they think it is necessary as it will take not only time but also money.
  • Public and private schools offering general education Elementary and high school students 426,712 06/2008 Trainees 53, 352 12/2007 If you interested to learn more about schools in Berlin just visit our page dedicated to Berlin schools.

Well, now you have a general idea what Berlin is like in figures and short descriptions.

To go into details and to describe all will take us time but we are on the way as it is our specialization to be your guide in Berlin and explain some little and not only things about this city of controversy and interesting ideas.

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