Charlottenburg Palace
Atmosphere Of A Royal Spirit

Charlottenburg Palace is another famous attraction for tourists. And locals also like to spend time in the park of Charlottenburg walking, jogging or laying in the sun in warm days in summer. They also like to go there to feed swans and duck and enjoy pleasant atmosphere of royal existence.

The Palace is located in the same named area of Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in West Berlin.

It is the only royal palace surviving the WWII bombings in Berlin. That is why it is of interest to visit to feel the atmosphere of the times when Berlin was different-ruled by Hohenzollern dynasty.

The Palace was built for Sophie Charlotte the wife of Friedrich III. The construction was started in 1695 but later on in 1740 it was continued by the order of Frederick the Great and the east wing was added.

The Palace reflects the tastes and interests of its residents-it is beautiful and extraordinary for Germany with a lot of French influence as royals and aristocrats of those times were fond of everything French including arts which you can see when you are in Charlottenburg. They also found great Chinese porcelain and silver and evidence of that you can also find in one of the rooms.

The Palace was opened after restoration in 1950 as it was seriously damaged during the Second World War.

In the park of the Charlottenburg Palace you can also see late Baroque Belvedere and the New Pavilion in Classical style, the Mausoleum and the Theater.

If you plan to visit Charlottenburg Palace you should have time because of the garden or you can call it a park are also worthy of your attention. But  important in the Charlottenburg is the collection of arts and the porcelain cabinet and the Palace chapel in the Old Palace, the Golden Gallery and Queen Luise’s rooms in the New Palace.

May be you will ask why is it not located in the center of Berlin… The reason is simply that this Palace was placed in the area called Lietzow. And it was a village. The original plan was to use it as a summer residence. And it was called Lietzenburg. Then looks like royals liked to stay there and finally it developed into something great what even we can visit as tourists.

The other example of the summer residence of royals is Sanssouci in Potsdam but it just was left as a summer residence and still nowadays has the same level of interest of visitors.

Another royal residence is Rheinsberg which is not that close to Berlin but if you are interested to learn more and may be go there you can visit our page about Rheinsberg.

Below you can find the Google map showing where Charlottenburg Palace is. Reaching it is also possible by public transport.

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Public transport:

U7 to Richard-Wagner-Platz or Sophie-Charlotte-Platz or

S75-Bahn to Westkreuz then

M45 and 109 buses.

You should better visit our page dedicated to Berlin Transport. It will explain you how you can use Berlin transport and the website of BVG which will explain you how to reach the place you need the most convenient way.


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