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Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is the name of the present district in Berlin. Two districts were combined together and a new beautiful name appeared.

Actually, they should be happy that after merging two districts the authorities agreed to preserve their original names. Other not less prominent districts were absorbed or they say merged but the names were not preserved. One of the examples is Prenzlauerberg which became a part of Pankow. People living there say - we live in Pankow and always add- Prenzlauerberg.

Patriots of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf do not have to make additional remarks.

If you read already about Charlottenburg Palace and generally about Berlin you can guess why the district is called Charlottenburg! The name was given after the famous Charlottenburg Palace. And originally the Palace was also built in a village called Lietzow. In the name Wilmersdorf you can also see the origin if you speak a bit German and know that "Dorf" is translated into German as a village.

In old times the center of Berlin was just limited by Mitte and then with development of the city and becoming a capital of Federal Germany other districts appeared. Those little towns and villages were not always happy to become a part of Berlin. Spandau is known to remember about its past status and regrets about becoming a part of Berlin still.

And Brandenburg Gate was a gate to Berlin after which actually was a wild forest. The city was not that huge from the very beginning.

After World War II and further construction of the Berlin Wall, Berlin was divided into Western and Eastern parts. And the West Berlin turned out to be without a center. The Western center was formed by the main street Kurfuerstendamm which you should also visit if you have time and interested in it. Also of interest is Berlin Zoo which attracts a lot of tourists. The reason you can learn after reading our page devoted to Berlin Zoo.

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is a special place to visit. What is it good for? There many great shopping centers and museums. Olympic Stadium is also attracting a lot of people due interesting events still held with success.

If you consider Berlin as a place where you want to study, probably you will enter one of its Universities located in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

The Deutsche Oper Berlin is also located in this district. If you have love classic music, you can also go there. Purchasing tickets is also possible online.

You can imagine that competition between two centers is still on. Both centers have been renovated and getting more and more attractive. But it’s clear which of the centers is the real one. But not for the West Berliners. Nobody wants to be number two. But in reality it makes Berlin unique. There are not so many cities in the world having two centers. Let's think positive-two better than one. If they both are beautiful why not?

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