Chorin Monastery
Simply Beautiful

Chorin monastery which is our next recommendation is situated in the North East of Berlin. It is the former monastery constructed in 1273. You can have a look into the life and get some ideas how it was like living the middle age. Entrance fee is 4 EUR for adults. Visitors can enjoy this atmosphere during the guided tours that are offered by the monastery and on the many hiking trails around the monastery complex.

The shortest way by public transport takes 1 hour by train to Chorin and then by bus No 912 to the monastery direct. Chorin is a municipality in the district of Barmin in Brandenburg. It is situated in Scorfheide-Chroin Biosphere Reserve. Medieval Brick Gothic Chorin Monastery is a real splendor which is worthy to look at.

Enjoying a green meadow, the ruins of the monastery and music in summer is the main thing about Chorin. The concerts of the Chorin Summer of Music are an established institution for lovers of culture and each year attract visitors to enjoy surrounding and art.

Monastery, which is very very old old, was built in the Northern German style of brick architecture of the early Gothic period. Only the gatehouse, the princes’ hall and the brewery have remained preserved from the former monastery complex. It is really very beautiful in Chorin Good restaurants are awaiting guests to have something to eat and drink. The monastery is built by the Amtssee lake in the middle of a forest. Today the building of the former monastery is a romantic ruin. But still gives a strange feeling for modern people. A feeling of tranquility and safety.

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