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Fernsehturm  Berlin is the object everybody can see from a long distance. It is very high 368 meters (1,207 ft.) after installation of a new antenna in the 1990s. Addition of three meters more did not spoil the general look of the building which people call asparagus.

 As far as I can see there are two main asparagus in Berlin- Fernsehturm and asparagus beds-those terrible nails 14 cm long which were put to the Berlin Wall stripe to wound escapees. Both were born in GDR.

One disappeared and hopefully will never come back and the other one-taller the mix of asparagus and satellite of the Earth Soviet Sputnik still exists. The difference was that one was a destructive force and the other one progressive. TV and Radio are the part of progress. Who can doubt it?

Fernserturm Berlin was supposed to impress competing neighbors and the world, especially capitalists. It turned to be the fourth in Europe after Moscow's Ostankino and TV Towers in Kiev and Riga.

The Tower was constructed from 4 August 1965 until 3 October 1969.

I find it symbolic that after so many years after construction and further collapse of GDR, nowadays Germans and Berliners celebrate the Unification Day on the 3 October.

The original plan of GDR authorities to have the object making Berlin recognizable works still.

The Fernsehturm can be seen from a long distance even from the Berlin Ring-highway around the city. And when you are in the city you can have it in background of your photos.

Having such an object right in the center of the city makes Berlin again different from other capitals.

If you would like to enter the TV Tower please, visit the website of the Fernsehturm Berlin. They have their own peculiarities and rules which you should better know before.

There is a special restaurant in the Tower which you can also visit.

For kids they have special prices.

If your main target is to have a great view of the city and you do not want to pay around 12 EUR per person, you can consider going to Reichstag. It is also not as easy as it was in old times but doable and free of charge. You can have also a good from Reichstag. Visit our page devoted to Reichstag.

Fernsehturm is situated in the center on Alexanderpaltz. To reach this place is easy. But if you stay in the Western part of Berlin and do not know yet how to get to different destination in Berlin, read our Berlin transport page. Anyways, Fernsehturm is good for people who can be easily lost. Just look up to the sky and you know where Alexanderplatz is. The rest is easy.

People also say that under special conditions, may be during a special reflection of the sun surface of the Fernsehturm gets a bright luminous cross. This phenomenon is not that easy to explain. But Berliners have a good sense of humor- They call it "Pope's Revenge".

So, when you look up to the sky looking for the Fernsehturm and find the luminous cross, do feel surprised or astonished.


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