German Newspapers
Interesting And Diverse

German newspapers and especially Berlin ones are various in types and are an interesting source of information about this great city and Germany in general.

Some information about them could be useful for you to explore more of the capital of Germany and probably you will find something of interest for yourself.

In general Berliners are politically engaged and always try to be up to date about the World and local politic developments.

It is normal that guests can spend half of the evening discussing serious political and domestic issues. It might happen that they turn out to be from the different political sides but it does not matter usually for the relationships. They continue to be good.

It means that Berliners are not only tolerant in regard of sexual orientation of people but the political one as well. But the most important thing is that they are open to discuss in public their point of view and share or disagree with the opinion of the other side. The only thing Berliners will not like to discuss is the amount of the salary they earn (some little secrets we can share with you).

So let's shortly go through the overview of the most popular German newspapers in Berlin.

We should also note that population of other cities and especially villages like to read about Berlin and other German news.

Of course, some newspapers can have very local character and will not be usually interesting to people if they are concentrated on issues of very peculiar character.

Such newspapers locals receive free of charge. And many ungrateful citizens even have a notice on their post box that they do want any newspapers and advertising.

Check out the information on these pages to explore Berlin:

Newspapers in Berlin

There are a lot of newspapers on the market of Berlin. So, as we want to write about the regional ones in German language published in Berlin, we will describe only some of the most popular as we already mentioned.

In Berlin even schools can have their own newspapers. Children can have a course how to make a newspaper and they can manage to publish their school newspaper which they sell later to the other children who are not so much resourceful.

So, you can imagine that many people can have ideas to publish a newspaper but not all manage to be successful.

  • Here you are: Berliner Morgenpost, Tagesspiegel, Tageszeitung, Berliner Zeitung, BZ, Der Berliner Kurier, Der Freitag, Die Welt, Welt am Sonntag, Neues Deutschland to mention the most important ones.
  • There are existing much more local news papers and papers from local organizations. We should also mention that taking into account that Berlin is a multinational city, it has a lot of newspapers in Turkish, Russian and other languages.
  • There are additionally 2 journals about Berlin: tip and zitty.
  • There are different groups among the German newspapers looking on their political direction:
  • Liberal conservative political orientation Berliner Morgenpost is published by Ullstein GmbH. The online version can be found at
  • Die Welt and Welt am Sonntag belong to Axel Springer AG, one of the biggest German players in the world of printed media.
  • Der Tagesspiegel can be found here and has an English page as well here , the publisher is the company Verlag Der Tagesspiegel GmbH.
  • The Berliner Zeitung is powered by Berliner Verlag GmbH, webadress is It is originated from times of G.D.R.
  • Left wing progressive political orientation Neues Deutschland is the former papers of the Communist Party in G.D.R., powered by Verlag Neues Deutschland Druckerei und Verlag GmbH with following homepage
  • TAZ is a co-operative company Taz, die Tageszeitung. Verlagsgenossenschaft eG, webadress at
  • Der Freitag is published by Mr Jakob Augstein, This newspaper is linked with the English Guardian.
  • Der Berliner Kurier is published by Berliner Verlag GmbH, BZ by Ullstein GmbH.

Enjoy Berlin Photos

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Of course, other important German news papers have their special pages for the capital Berlin or even a special edition (e g Bild with City journals

Tip and zitty are giving tips and advices about events and special things of in Berlin at and

German newspapers are also experiencing difficulties as other newspapers around the world-being pushed by the new and more aggressive player-Internet. But they still manage to be interesting to the population and find the way to survive converting to digital pages.

The wind of change has also touched this sphere and due to total computerization of Germany it will be tough relationship but looks like old German newspapers will somehow find their way in the future of Germany even if locals do not read that much in a public transport as in the past.

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