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Conditions And Peculiarities

Germany weather conditions and peculiarities should be considered when you plan your visit to this beautiful land with lakes, seas, rivers and all what makes a country beautiful and attractive to tourists from all over the globe.

Of course, we should not forget about beautiful German cities and towns full of tourist attractions and just awaiting for the next wave of curious visitors and guests.

And as we are mostly concentrated on Berlin-the capital of Germany and actually dedicated our Berlin Germany Fanclub to this great city, we also mentioned about Berlin weather for you to know some peculiarities and facts of this very important part of our life.

To be more clear about Germany weather we should mention some climatic and geographical Germany facts:

  • Germany is one of the largest economies in Europe
  • Territory: 357,022 sq km
  • Including land: 348,672 sq km
  • Including water: 8,350 sq km
  • Location: Central Europe
  • Bordering: the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, between the Netherlands and Poland, south of Denmark
  • Land boundaries: 3,790 km
  • Border countries: Austria- 784 km, Belgium- 167 km, Czech Republic- 815 km, Denmark- 68 km, France- 451 km, Luxembourg- 138 km, Netherlands- 577 km, Poland- 456 km, Switzerland- 334 km
  • Coastline:2,389 km
  • Terrain: lowlands in the North, uplands in the Center, Bavarian Alps in the South
  • Lowest point: Neuendorf bei Wilster -3.54 m
  • Highest point: Zugspitze 2,963 m
  • Altitude: 50 m (164 ft).
  • The average temperature in Germany: 9.1 °C (48 °F).
  • The range of average monthly temperatures: 19.5 °C.
  • The warmest average max/ high temperature: 24 °C (75 °F) in July.
  • The coolest average min/ low temperature: -3 °C (27 °F) in January and February.
  • The month with the driest weather: March- rain, sleet, hail or snow falls across 12 days.
  • The month with the wettest weather: July- rain, sleet, hail or snow falls across 14 days.
  • An average year relative humidity: 80.8%
  • An average monthly: ranges from 71% in May to 91% in December
  • An average range of hours of sunshine in Germany: between 1.1 hours per day in December and 8.1 hours per day in June
  • Sunshine hours annually: 1738 hours
  • Sunshine hours a day: approximately 4.8 hours
  • Frost: 88 days annually and in January: on average 22 days

Below you can find climate graphs which show the picture of Germany weather from month to month and you can see and percieve the language of figures. It might seem that the weather in Germany like in paradise but you should note that winters can be very cold and dark and summers very rainy and cool.

This is what can be from year to year from time to time but normally Germany weather is not bad if to take into consideration such extreems as North Pole or Deserts of Africa. Even if some extreme weather coditions take place in Germany, they do not last long and sooner or later the weather is again friendly and appropriate for normal live.

Germany Climate Graph (metric)

Germany Climate graph contributed by

Germany Climograph/ Climate Chart (imperial)

Germany Climate graph contributed by

You can compare actual weather in some German cities:


Weather Today in Berlin


Weather Today in Munich


Weather Today in Freiburg


Weather Today in Hamburg

So, let's pass from figures and facts about Germany weather to some necessary descriptions and photos which we shoot with a great pleasure for our readers. As you can see from the figures above Germany is not that huge from the territory size. In some cases it is not that bad.

If you plan your trip within Germany you will be surprised that it takes not much time to get from one point of Germany to the other. Within one day if you are slow, you can get from the North to the South of Germany by car or by train. By plane it takes much shorter. But if you love traveling take a train or a car to observe a fantastic landscape.

Also it is good that the weather is not very different at some absolutely far away points of Germany.

Winters can be cold and snowy but not every year. On our website you can see some pictures in winter time and think that winters are severe here. It might happen that winter can be cold and especially when you come here. But if you come more often you will see that winters can be rainy and getting on the nerves of poor Germans who always want to escape to a warmer and sunnier places on the Earth. Such terribly dark and rainy and/or snowy winters are the explanation for Germans love to explore other countries.

Berlin Germany Weather can be as an example of a changeable weather but if you are well prepared and informed, nothing will disturb your joy of being in Berlin and in this beautiful country in general.

Spring is usually a great time in any place and this country is not an exception. In spring people start to feel better and start to be more optimistic about the future and hopes they had. It is like awaking since days become longer and air warmer. The sun is a miracle which can make people happy and unhappy. The time of depression is over and renaissance comes again to make people more enthusiastic and full of hope for better prospects.

If you think about the right time to come here, consider spring time, especially the second part of it. Germany weather is generally mild but better to choose the right conditions for you which are usually predictable.

Summer is a great time to be a guest, tourist or any kind of visitor you will choose. Even for short language learning experience it is also great. Summer in Berlin is especially great. Especially if your home city is very hot and poluted in summer and you and your family feel not good there Berlin Germany can be a good opprotunity to have a great time and relaxation.

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Autumn is very beautiful here. As you probably know FRG is a very green country. And in autumn when green colors change to the miraculous bright red, yellow, brown and many other colors, you do not know why but you feel so happy and want to take pictures to show the beauty of this land to others. Undoubtedly, others also have a lot of photos of the place where they live and surprisingly one can find out that autumn is so beautiful on every corner of our wonderful planet.

Now you have some general ideas about Germany weather and when you come to this country, we hope you will have a great and unforgettable time. It is a good thing to explore other countries and cities and learn a lot about other cultures, try different cuisine and get exhausted shopping numerous shopping malls. But also it so great to return home and sit peacefully at home and drink coffee and plan other adventures which will most likely come true.

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