History Of The Berlin Wall

History of the Berlin Wall proves one very important thought: Every Wall disappears one day. Or another piece of wisdom comes when thinking about the Berlin Wall- Everything that has a beginning-has an end.

August 13, 1961 is officially the date of the Berlin Wall construction.

East German People's Army, as well as so called "Kampfgruppen", which was a type of the National Guard, organized in factories and enterprises and special divisions of police, were in charge of the secret operation and fulfillment of the order to start the Berlin Wall existence.

Of course, Berlin wall construction could happen only after support and approval of the Soviets who had control over GDR.

Only with the support of the Soviet government East Germans could decide to build Berlin Wall.

So, the political support of the Soviet Union played the decisive role in Berlin Wall construction and further existence for many years until 1989.

Such plates you can find walking in the center of Berlin

But it is clear that such an important political step could not be just made from one day to another.

The history of the Berlin Wall had begun from the end of the World War II when Germany and Berlin were divided into 4 zones-US, British, French and Soviet one. Since Berlin was fully surrounded by Soviet zone the 3 Western zones became an island in the Red sea.

Looking at the Berlin Wall map

you can see that West Berlin was really like an island on a red see called GDR.

There was a period in history of the city called Berlin Blockade when Soviet Army interrupted the transport ways from the Trizone to the Western zones of Berlin.

And it became also an important factor for Berlin Wall issue development.

History of the Berlin Wall in facts:

  • Berlin Wall existed from August 13, 1961 until November 9, 1989.
  • It was constructed by GDR to prevent GDR citizens from escaping from East Berlin to West Berlin.
  • Berlin Wall was a multi layer structure around Western Sectors of Berlin which was very strongly guarded by East Germany border guards.
  • It should be emphasized that Berlin Wall had several versions. It developed from a simple mesh fence into a strong structure designed for guarding border between the Capitalist West and Communist East. Actually, it was the Wall between two systems.
  • O ne of the main facts about the Berlin Wall and purpose of Berlin Wall was to prevent GDR citizens to escape to the West. The existence of the Wall from 1961-1989 was in reality declaration of political and economic bankruptcy of GDR as the state.
  • Most victims and trials to escape happened at the beginning of the Wall construction. Later on people did not have even opportunity to approach to the Berlin Wall, because it was strongly guarded and observed at the distance, which made even trials problematic.
  • The way East Germans tried to escape was very creative. Some even tried balloons to fly through the border. People living for years on Friedrichstrasse never approached Checkpoint Charlie even if it was very close.

It should also be mentioned that West Berlin citizens could visit East Berlin as tourists but East Berliners had to go through a lot of troubles. And finally if someone immigrated the rest of the family who remained in GDR had real troubles with the society as it was disapproved to have such relatives who could leave GDR and conduct "disgraceful behavior".

Even the boss who allowed such a trip had troubles with the party, since all leading positions were given only to "reliable party members".

Berlin Wall. Check Point Charlie. The time when the WW III could start-American and Soviet tanks in a couple of meters from each other

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History of the Berlin wall started in 1961 and ending in 1989 proves that walls and other artificial borders can not exist for good.

One day people realize that there is no more any border splitting and dividing families and nations. To be united is more natural that to be split.

All the victims and the whole history of the Berlin Wall proved again that being against your own people will not work on a long time perspective.

Memorial to the Victims of the Berlin Wall

At that time propaganda played an important role. The systems wanted to prove to be the better ones.

That is why they competed in every sphere of activity: sports, social issues, science, arts and so on.

Even the way opposed parties called each other was special:

GDR officials called Berlin Wall the "Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart" (German: Antifaschistischer Schutzwall) hinting that West Germany and West Berlin still remained Nazi oriented.

The West Berlin city government sometimes named Berlin Wall the "Wall of Shame"— the term used by mayor Willy Brandt—as he condemned the Wall's restrictive nature.

Check Point Charlie nowadays

On 9 November 1989 the East German government announced that all GDR citizens could visit West Germany and West Berlin. Such step of GDR government could also take place due to special events on the world political arena.

The main reason of that was the Perestroika held by Mikhail Gorgachev in the Soviet Union. Gorbachev played a special role in German reunification finalized on 3 October 1990 and prior to that Berlin Wall fall. Contemporary Germans still remember gratefully and emphasize the positive role of the former Soviet leader. History of the Berlin Wall as a part of Berlin history is of interest and high importance to tourists visiting Berlin and their hardworking guides, because exploring Berlin without learning Berlin history is like eating without salt and pepper-possible but something will be missing.

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