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Horse racing in Berlin could also be of interest if you can not do without it and want always to explore this side of activities.

Well, there are many ways to lose money or win... You can risk your money at Galopprennbahn Hoppegarten in horse races in Berlin.

There are 10 days with races in 2011. Season starts on 17th April and is closing 3rd October. Regular fare starts from 8 EUR. If you go there with your family you can also pay just 12 EUR for parents and kids-the number was not specified. If you have one child or 10... it is not clear if it matters.

Hoppergarten is a nice place where you can see a lot of inhabitants of Berlin starting from local aristocrats, of course, and finishing with dogs.

It is a real festival of joy and speed. People lay there idle on the grass together with dogs enjoying delicious food and from time to time they become a bit excited when the horse race is passing by.

Children run happily. They have a lot to experience. Pony racing is the same interesting. Observing horsesof different types and sheep motherhood can make children happy.

Foreigners watch all that amazed. It is a really beautiful mess of aristocratic hats, delicious sausages and graceful horses.

In Hoppergarten you can meet such a legendary English jockey as Lester Piggott. You can understand that such an honor to receive such a guest not all can experience. That's why Berliners realized that very good and all were happy to see the living legend Lester Piggott.

n other words of course, Hoppergarten is not in the heart of Berlin... it is a bit far. But if you like such events do not hesitate to go there.

You are not obliged to risk your money and lose them, instead you can buy a beautiful hat for your mother and make her happy. But the feeling you have watching the race live will not give you watching the same on TV.

Address is Goetheallee 1, 15366 Hoppegarten, telephone 03342 38930 . This location is in the East of Berlin and can be reached by subway S-5, too.

Details you can find in the site which we always recommend to check: If you drive to Hoppegarten by car you can find a lot of good parking areas for 3,5 EUR. For bycicles and bikes they offer good places for free.

There are 2 locations of horse racing with sulky in Berlin where it is possible to bet:

Berliner Trabrenn-Verein e.V. - Mariendorfer Damm 222, 12107 Berlin, telephone 030 7401212 . Race days are nearly at all weekends.

Pferdesportpark Berlin Karlshorst e.V. - Treskowallee 129, 10318 Berlin, telephone 030 50017125 .

Race days are nearly at all weekends.

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If you have your own special experience with horse racing in Berlin, please, do not hesitate to share with us. It would be interesting to learn about such activities in Berlin from our readers since we frankly speaking do not have much experience with it.

Photos would be highly appreciated.

Sure some people have their own imagination about horse racing and things related to it. But one thing is absolutely true-the beauty of horses is worthy of admiration. And we love horses.

Horse racing in Berlin is a very special event. People sometimes think due to old experiences that it is a place to lose money earned by generations.

But now it is different. There are so many other ways to lose money... why should someone do it using the only one way.

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